In case you’ve been wondering…


As a long time backpacker and back country traveler I’ve come to rely upon those little polyethylene containers for carrying small amounts of shampoo, vitamins, antibacterial cream, etc. Like the one in the photo to the right. You may have seen them at camping stores or other places.

Last night I was soaking the cap to my little shampoo bottle in the bathroom sink of my RV because it had become clogged with dried up shampoo and I hoped to soften the clog by soaking it for a while and squirt it out. When I was finished soaking the bottle cap I pulled the stopper out of the sink’s drain to let the water out and down the drain with the water went the bottle cap. HOLY CRAP!

It fits!
It fits!

So, just in case you’ve been wondering whether or not the little squirt cap from your polyethylene bottle would fit down your drain and clog up in your plumbing… the answer is yes!


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