Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive
Capitol Reef Scenic Drive

In the past several weeks I’ve been to Valley of Fire, The Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Cedar Breaks and Capitol Reef. I think of all of them Capitol Reef may be my favorite. Although each one of them is breathtaking in its own way, at Capitol Reef I found a quiet, inexpensive campground in a lush and shady setting of cottonwood trees and fruit orchards, weather that wasn’t stifling hot or make-your-nose-run cold, and stunning geological surroundings which make for the most wonderful eye candy. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “Capitol Reef National Park”

  1. Capitol Reef is stunning and probably has a very long and interesting geological history. Did you get into that at all? 2 posts in one day – catching up huh? Thank you very much for sharing and all the effort you are putting into your blog. Where to next? bon voyage Russ!

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