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Little Molas Lake at Sunrise
Little Molas Lake at Sunrise

What’s up with me is that I’m nearing the end of a 2 week stay at Little Molas Lake outside of Silverton, Colorado, preparing to begin my 10th week on the road tomorrow. Separately, I’ve written a Campground Report about this lovely spot. As I write I’m sitting outdoors in the delightful warming sun of early morning looking at the scene you see in the sunrise photo included in this post. (Click on it or any other photo for a larger version.) The air is still and filled with the sound of many bird songs. A very gentle and delicious breeze is beginning to blow. Voices from nearby campers can also be heard, as well as a couple making love a couple campsites away, and occasionally a vehicle passing by on route 550 which is maybe 3/4 mile away as the crow flies. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “S’up?”

  1. Comment section did not come up for me this time-so here is my response to this beautiful campsite: definitely gorgeous! My kind of landscape where I feel at “home”. Nice hiking and climbing above tree lines it seems.Thank you for the photo! Very complete report, including eavesdropping on peoples’ most private moments!!! ; ) Erika Chaine

  2. Found the “comment” & “reply space” after all-10 weeks already? It doesn’t seem like you’ve been gone that long! Time goes by fast and you’ve been through some beautiful landscapes and country sides and adventures in these last few weeks. Best wishes for the next 10 weeks!

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