Boondocking Report: Ironton Park near Ouray, CO



Located in Colorado along Route 550, 8 miles south of Ouray, about 16 miles north of Silverton
Elevation: 9756 +/-
GPS: see details below
Pet Friendly. I don’t know if there is a leash requirement
Accessibility: Rigs of all sizes, see proviso within
Cellular: AT&T none, Verizon, poor, see details below
Uncompahgre National Forest; Stay Limit 14 days per month after which you must move 15 miles as the crow flies if you’re going to another Forest Service dispersed camping location. READ MORE…

3 thoughts on “Boondocking Report: Ironton Park near Ouray, CO”

  1. Another beautiful campsite. This Silverton and Durango area seems to have a wealth of cool locations for camping! Hope you enjoyed some good hikes and more eye candy! I think you are going to stay there for ever-or a long time anyway. Enjoy your explorations!

  2. Based on your report I decided to give it a try. I have a 45′ Cyclone 5th Wheel. There is no way I would have gotten into any of the areas from Hwy 550, but it was very accessible from 20D. Nice turn around areas in the southern locations. Plenty of room to maneuver and pick a place to park. I will be going back again next year – what a beautiful area.

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