CAMPGROUND REPORT: Cement Creek Campground, Crested Butte South, CO

Space 7 at Cement Creek Campground
Space 7 at Cement Creek Campground

GPS: 38.82849, 106.83590

Cement Creek Campground is a Forest Service facility maybe 3.8 miles up Cement Creek Road, also known as Road #740, off of CO 135 out of Crested Butte South. The road is dirt, but apart from a little washboarding here and there it’s fine and fairly wide. I wouldn’t want to take a Class C or A  rig much larger than 30′ into the campground however because the campground loop is narrow with tight turns. Also, at less than 11′ in height there was a small tree limb in contact with the roof of my rig. At first I thought I was hearing some cute little animal calls but it turned out to be the branch screeching on my roof. READ MORE…

2 thoughts on “CAMPGROUND REPORT: Cement Creek Campground, Crested Butte South, CO”

  1. [Edit] Thanks for this new report. “Cement Creek” does not conjure majestic mountains or forests-and there are no photos-so we’ll never know. However if you hang out there long enough there will be the US bike tour coming through Crested Butte and other cities in Colorado in August.-Very exciting and fun! I meant to ask, does Ouray produce fine cheese and chocolate like in Zwitzerland also or just beer? At this rate, spending so much time in Colorado how will you make it to all the other 30 some states? It will be fun to follow you ‘round and find out what you do and at what pace. Be well and enjoy! Erika

    1. I’ve added a photo which was supposed to be included in the first place. My bad. The WordPress app on my iPad doesn’t work so well.

      There is a candy shop in Ouray as I recall, and I believe they make some of their own confections. You’d probably have to go to Switzerland to see if it is sold there to determine if it is world renown. LOL.

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