Chris: King of the Road
Chris: King of the Road

Having situated my RV, Charlene, and PeeWee, my little Yamaha XT-250 motorcycle, in their new homes for the next few days I began an ambling walk through McClure campground to get a better feel for the place and so as to be able to write a campground report for my fellow RVers. McClure campground, by the way, is in the White River National Forest in west-central Colorado, not far from Aspen. READ MORE…

2 thoughts on “THE REAL KING OF THE ROAD”

  1. Comment vs. reflection-one is fast the other more thoughtful. I had many thoughtful reflections after “I will miss you Colorado” especially being touched by the little puppy that opened your heart to the point of tears. It takes courage to be open and cry-so often we follow cultural teachings about not crying-especially men-but then we never really get the courage to be open hearted and honest with the truth of our feelings and inner being. Never mind my thoughtless comment about getting a puppy! I can’t think of a worse nightmare than to try to train, feed and love a puppy while traveling on the read!!! Thank you again for your blog and being so open and sharing! Now to “King of the Road” You are certainly having fun hanging out with the royalty of Colorado! Queen of beer, Queen of coffee and now King of the road! Very colorful people you are meeting-and we meet them through you without budging from our comfortable homes. I’m looking forward to your interview with Michelangelo from Marble. While you are on the road photographing the beauties of nature around you, I hope that you are including some close-ups of details such as a bee flying over a flower, sunsets, sunrises, branches of trees, flowers with dew, interesting rock formations etc. These are I’m sure things you see on your hikes and would make beautiful meditation pics. : )

  2. More comments now to “peeing on rocks”- yes, it did get my attention for sure! I was first wondering how you could keep your balance to photograph and peeing at the same time-then a little annoyed thinking this is not something girls can do easily-then relieved when I red “more”-so I could do this by walking around with a camera and a watering can-clever trick! The rain and water certainly liven up the colors and the smells when you take a walk or hike. I love hiking in and after the rain-the natural beauty changes-is so different from a walk in the sun which of course is also beautiful. What i love most is the serenity and peacefulness-wet or dry. I have always wanted to return to Aspen, especially for skiing- there is a beautiful alpine feeling in those mountains I felt there when I was a child and just came as a new immigrant to the U.S. I hope to see a few nice pics from there and I can travel there through your photos. I’m sure it has changed since 1959!!! Be well and enjoy the rest of your travels. (no need to go through your whole bucket list if you have found what you were looking for in the beginning of your trip). Continued bon voyage !

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