Parkside campground
Charlene, my RV, at Parkside Campground. I picked this site because two sides got sun for my solar panel.

I chose to camp here because I wanted to drive the Beartooth Scenic Byway, part of route 212, but I didn’t want to do it in my motorhome, and Parkside is as close as you can get. Just a short distance up 212 it begins to get twisty-windy as it climbs steeply toward Beartooth Pass at about 11,000′. Some folks have driven this part of 212 in motorhomes but the discussion about the road on swayed me not to drive it in my RV. From Parkside I could pop out of the campground on my motorcycle right onto the Scenic Byway, which, by the way, is a way fun ride for motorcyclists who enjoy riding the “twisties”. There are lots of curves and the road condition is good. The scenery is awesome too. READ MORE…


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