Campground Report: Juniper, Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park, North Unit, ND

Beautiful. No? I mean like wow!

Surrounded by the magic that is Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I stayed 2 nights at the Juniper campground in the North Unit of park after having stayed a few nights at the Cottonwood campground in the South Unit . I’ve also a written a Travel Report about the park.

The campground was very quiet when I was there. It was largely empty. There were times when the only audible sounds consisted of crickets, the rustling of the cottonwood leaves and the clump-clomp of my footsteps as I walked. One night and the following morning I heard a pack of coyotes howling and yipping wildly nearby. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “Campground Report: Juniper, Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park, North Unit, ND”

  1. One more comment as I’m thinking of Winter approaching the northern parts that you are visiting – you may need to add snowshoes in addition to Pe-wee for exploration and eat hearty warming foods-such as bison stew with rice,potatoes or pasta. Or some indigenous version of bison stew. Have you encountered any Lakota Indian traditions in the museum or out in the area where you are traveling? I hear that they have some interesting healing traditions and fascinating history and traditions to hand down to us “latecomer” americans.I agree that these areas such as “badlands” must have seemed intimidating and frightening to the first explorers to this land.

    1. Hopefully I’ll not need snowshoes, snow tires, or snow anything. Hahah.

      I’ve come across various information about various cultures of Native Americans in various museums and exhibits along the way, but have encountered, to my knowledge any Native Americans.

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