Campground Report: Lakeside Marina & Campground, Jamestown, ND

Lakeside Marina and Campground
I liked the woodsy feeling at Lakeside Marina and campground especially since some of the trees were turning golden with the approach of autumn.

I stopped at this campground as a layover place on my way from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota to Minnesota where I was heading to do some leaf peeping. I liked this campground. I liked all the greenery, from the trees to the lawn which was well maintained. Even though I have no children of my own, or perhaps because of that, I liked the play sets on the central lawn and enjoyed watching the children at play. I don’t recall every seeing such an elaborate play set and monkey bars, etc., at another campground. In stark contrast I recalled another play set I’d seen elsewhere that seemed to be cobbled together from old worn out tires and rusty discards. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “Campground Report: Lakeside Marina & Campground, Jamestown, ND”

  1. Wether you have your own children or not, I think it is enjoyable to watch children happy at play! Their uninhibited abandon to sheer joy and playfulness and their creativity in the playground or anywhere is a great teacher to us about the happiness and joy in our own lives. It is, like laughter, contagous! And inspirational-it brings us back to our own childhood and the memories of playing and laughing with friends way until it got dark outside and we were called in for dinner (3x at least!) Some times as adults we forget that feeling amid all of our “serious” responsibilities and it is so refreshing to watch kids play. And I agree, to see a play area that is well maintained says a lot about the communities and their values. I remember a playground in France when my sons were little where the slide was cracked and rusted-I cut myself and had to have a tetanos shot! Yuck! but I got a great shot of both of them coming down the slide together! Minnesota? Gosh-where to next? You’re just zipping right along!

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