Six Mile Lake Dispersed Camping Area, Chippewa National Forest, MN

Six Mile Lake Main Road
In this view we are looking down the main road of the Dispersed Camping Area at Six Mile Lake

Six Mile Lake is a Forest Service Dispersed Camping Area near Bena, MN

Turning my eyes for a moment from the keyboard of my iPad to glance out the window I’m captivated by the beauty of the late afternoon light filtering through the trees, some of which have begun changing into their autumn finery. My momentary glance out the window becomes an extended gaze.

Right now it’s extraordinarily quiet here. The only sounds on this windless afternoon are those of some birds and my fingers’ clickity-clack on the keyboard. It’s a relaxing, peaceful place. I’m the only one here at the moment. A few fisherman have used the boat launch during the day which is maybe 100′ from where I’m parked, and one couple drove thru the camping area in a blue pickup truck, perhaps just to have a look. Nobody else was camped here last night and it seems likely the same will be true tonight. Wait, there’s another faint sound. I step outside to have a look and when I do I spot a couple red-headed woodpeckers squabbling on a nearby tree, but the sound I heard was the drone of a motorboat out on Six Mile Lake. It’s stopped now. Perhaps they killed the engine in order to fish. I can hear them talking. I’m sure they’re at least a quarter mile out on the lake. READ MORE…


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