Where Am I? The Answer Revealed

Blanchard Springs Caverns
The amazing underworld of Blanchard Springs Caverns is just amazing. It took millions of years for the caverns to form and they are still in the making. They go on for miles and miles. A small portion of them can be toured. This shot was taken in the upper level, the most spectacular of the three.

A couple posts ago I posed  the question “Where Am I?” and gave three written clues and one visual clue in the form of a photo.

OK… time for the answers. aauumm Namaha was correct, Blanchard Springs Caverns. Here’s an explanation of the clues: The photo of course showed some physical features. As to the written clues, “Something like Australia” translates to “down under” where of course you find the caverns… down under the surface of the land. “Something like Kansas” meant Arkansas, which is Kansas with Ar at the beginning. “53, 54, 55…” is a sequence of numbers but note the elipsis at the end, the three dots. These indicate there is more to come. Naturally that would be “56”. Fifty Six is the name of the town in Arkansas in which you will find Blanchard Springs Caverns. Tadah!

Blanchard Springs Caverns
It would be pitch black in the caverns were it not for lighting that’s been installed. Here I took advantage of that lighting.

Thanks everybody for playing along and congrats to aauumm Namaha for guessing correctly.


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