Some guys have all the luck…

Blanchard Springs Caverns
It would be pitch black in the caverns were it not for lighting that’s been installed. Here I took advantage of that lighting.

…I’m not one of them! Ha! I did, however, have very good fortune to roll into Mountain View, Arkansas at a propitious moment. I’d come to Mountain View on my way south from northern Minnesota, though Iowa, then Missouri heading toward Louisiana. I’d been traveling south in hopes of tracking favorable weather. My regular readers will know that I’m on an extended See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip, a trip that is now in its 7th month. I’d heard about an amazing underground wonder-world called Blanchard Springs Caverns and I wanted to see the place for myself. Also, as it turned, out I’d rolled into Mountain View at a good time because the weekend I was in Mountain View turned out to be that of the annual Mountain View Bluegrass Festival. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “Some guys have all the luck…”

  1. It sounds like a great festival! We were RVing through Missouri and Arkansas about 2 weeks ahead of you! We wanted to spend some time in that area of Arkansas but we had a commitment in Little Rock. Thanks for the post!

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