Photo Post: Capitol Building, Austin Texas

I visited the Capitol Building in Austin yesterday. I’m learning that some capitol buildings are “target rich” environments for photography. I found a few shots in Austin although I thought the Iowa Capitol Building in Des Moines more opulent. To see a few other shots from my outing click here.

Capitol Building, Austin Texas
Capitol Building, Austin Texas

2 thoughts on “Photo Post: Capitol Building, Austin Texas”

  1. There’s “opulence” and then there is “elegance,” Russ. The opulent capitols are, for me, Georgia, Colorado and Massachusettes with their gold domes announcing their “wealth” to the world. The elegant ones are Alabama [home] with it’s white limestone cladding and New Mexico and Hawaii… Modern, yes, but built more with their environments in mind than showiness.

    But that’s jut me.

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