Last night I published a post titled “Making Better Photographs: Which Camera To Buy”. It was supposed to include some photographs, but apparently it did not, at least for some people. Whether it was a breakdown in technology or operator error I don’t know. Either way, I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience . I will attempt to include the photos below. Cross your fingers! If you don’t see them below, and even if you do, HERE is a link to the full article on the blog.

The photos above were all created on the iPhone. Most if not all the post-processing was also done on the iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Oopsie!”

  1. Thanks for the good news of which camera to buy-and the nice pics you were able to produce with skill and knowledge! Makes a lot of sense. Advertisers will always have you think if you get the higher priced item or one more thing that you don’t need you will be better at whatever you are doing. I see the camera perspective” from both sides now” as the song goes from Judy Collins a long long time ago. Having lugged heavy cameras with multiple lenses all over South America and Central America years ago, I finally traded the heavy camera bag with diapers, food and toys and opted for smaller versions of cannon, and other brands which worked very well for my simple photos. I am delighted how the iphoto camera works and how easily it transports and is always ready for that surprise shot whenever I’m inspired to take a photo. I’m glad that you as the expert feels the same about cameras as I do now. I don’t do the developing any longer since I was always more into composition and color than the more technical aspects of light and aperture etc. but still enjoy photography and inspirational vistas in nature-especially when some one as talented as you does all the work!
    Best wishes,

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