Exploring My New Home, Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Three: Hey Handsome!

Little Burro
This Little Burro is just so cute. Don’t you think ? He’s wild but he  lives here too.

Wow.  It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since my last post, but it has. You should know that as I write this post Sunday morning at 9 A.M. it is already beginning to feel a little bit hot. When I first came outside my RV this morning to sit in the sun, a cup of very sweet, fresh French-press-brewed French Roast in hand, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt… and it was warm and delightful outside… AND IT IS FEBRUARY!!! READ MORE…


16 thoughts on “Exploring My New Home, Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Three: Hey Handsome!”

  1. Somehow I missed the “New home report 2” but just caught up and read it! I love the idea of a community that has created its own library/post office system, entertainment and leisure activities. No mayor, no taxes, no governmental institutions-no jails I presume? It can work!!! Anyhow any community that hangs out its laundry in the sun and has yoga classes can’t be bad-and non denominational services too is great!

  2. Really enjoyed reading about your recent Slab City adventures. Since we bought our used (slightly) a couple years ago, we’ve looked at lots of places to RV – the slab being one of them. I hope to have a similar adventure sometime soon! Thanks for the post!

  3. Nice to hear you’ve settled into a fun community. We’re enjoying our time in Benson… well not really, cause we’ve been working. Cleaning and waxing the RV, truck, etc. Getting caught up on household chores. Should be done with all today and heading to a NWR Wednesday. I’ll text message you when we head toward Ajo (23rd?) Enjoy those temps Handsome 🙂

  4. It sounds as though you have found a wonderful place to “pause”. Glad you now are official with your “handle” and how cool the sense of community one can find out on the desert. How lovely that the church also works as a gather point not just on Sundays!

  5. Hi there – I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts – from the beginning through this latest post. One thing I’ve noticed Russ, is that you have relaxed! You seemed to be a bit uptight at first – kinda of short and driven – now your posts are more jovial, more casual and easy going. This change in your writing is really interesting. I’m glad you’re having a great time and helping blaze more trails for us ‘newbies’. Keep on having fun!

    1. Interesting that you would note such changes. I wonder how much that has to do with evolution and how much with current circumstances. Starting on my journey last May I had no template for RVing or blogging. How do you write a blog? What do you write about? How do you write about it? What should be included? What shouldn’t? How does the software work? How does this RVing thing work? Where do I go? What do I do when I get there? How do I get there? How do all the RV systems work? What about repairs and maintenance? The list of uncertainties is long and uncertainty makes me tense. The learning to cope with all that I would consider evolutionary.

      Circumstantially, at the moment I find myself in a more relaxing environment than most of my previous traveling on this trip. When I don’t have to concern myself with where I am going next: where I will camp, what route would be best, what will I see and do when I’m there, will it cost a lot, will the weather allow for travel, etc., then I don’t feel the pressures of puzzling all that out. I’ll have to do all those things of course but I’ll have more time. On much of this trip I’ve only had a short while to spend in one place or another. Getting from Big Bend to Quartzsite in 3 weeks is a good example. When I’m only in a location for a very short time I have to spend much of that time planning my next move with all the attendant concerns. There are many unwritten campground reports, for example, because I couldn’t find the time and/or energy to create them. Here at the Imperial Dam LTVA I’ll have weeks to do all the planning and writing I normally feel under the gun to do in a day or two, so my circumstances may be more relaxing. Then there is the weather. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to just sit in the shade sipping marguerites, and if I knew how to make them maybe I would!

      1. Cannot leave a comment about margaritas unanswered-am having a poor connection from LAX airport where I’m waiting for my return flight to Oakland -soon will be framing my new photo! I think I would fall over if I had a margarita after a 3 hour hike in the desert because I would be tempted to drink the whole jug because of thirst!!! However it sound like a great treat in the shade in the evening with a desert sunset to watch-relaxation and fun!!! Might be worth a trip to Yuma. did you take some nice photos on your hike? lookng forward to seeing them. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! >

        1. Fall over? Did you say fall over? Purrfect… LOL.

          I took a few pics on the hike and I think I’ll write at least one more post about this place where I’ll include them. Someone here has a pet wolf and I want to show a pic of her also.

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