Exploring My New “Home” Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Five: Katy Perry Live at the LTVA?

Sunset on Chili Fest Day, Imperial Dam
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the sunsets here in the desert art just the best!

This crowd of 100 or so gathered at the Chili Fest in their finest shorts, t-shirts and sandals on this sunny, 80º summer day. Oh wait, did I say summer? IT’S FEBRUARY! My mistake, but sunny and 80º it was. For all intents and purposes it was summer. We basked in the delicious afternoon sun, or shade if you preferred and could find some, as we dined on the aforementioned edibles, sipping margaritas from the open bar, were entertained by a troupe of Hawaiian hula dancers, followed by a short medley of her biggest hits in a live performance by Katy Perry. Oh… OK… I made up the part about Katy Perry… ummm… and the Hawaiian hula dancers… and the part about the margaritas, but it could happen! READ MORE…


4 thoughts on “Exploring My New “Home” Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Five: Katy Perry Live at the LTVA?”

  1. One more full blown sunset with a party and some imaginary additions to make it even more beautiful and complete – hawaiian dancers, music and margaritas (again!). I like your description of “achingly beautiful”- it is so apt to being raptured by nature. Many years ago on a 10 day hike through the french Alps we came upon breathtakingly beautiful mountain passes and valleys and some of us, the more sensitive ones, actually burst into tears (shamelessly!) others joked and said that it was only our feet that were aching, but not so – we were just so moved! Can anyone understand that such beauty, like music, can reach so deeply into our hearts that it brings out some of the deepest, and often buried emotions, into present consciousness and into the light of truth. Love the sunset photos and sunrise too especially since I’d never see them because I like to sleep in! : )

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