Campground(s) Report, Cedar Lake, Ouachita Nat’l Forest, OK

Fishing Pier, Cedar Lake
Fishing pier, Cedar Lake, Sandy Beach Campground, Ouachita National Forest, OK.

The route I was taking was from the Imperial Dam LTVA near Yuma toward Tennessee, a state I had not yet visited. I chose a route of secondary roads that would keep me off the Interstates and take me through the countryside. This was true through Arizona, New Mexico, and the panhandle of Texas. All of these places have some beautiful country including the mountains of Arizona and the gorgeous orangy-red soil of northern Texas. I also followed a secondary-roads route through another state I’d not yet been to, Oklahoma. This route was south of I-40  taking me through the Ouachita National Forest where I stayed at Sandy Beach Campground after looking also at North Shore and Shady Lane–all three campgrounds are at Cedar Lake. READ MORE…

4 thoughts on “Campground(s) Report, Cedar Lake, Ouachita Nat’l Forest, OK”

  1. Thank you for working so hard to share even the sounds of your adventures with us. I get the complete picture of the hauntingly beautiful dark sky, the sounds of the forest and I imagine also the fresh smells of the wet forest after a good rain! All your senses rejoice in the freshness of nature. I recall very vividly (many years ago while camping a lot ) throwing open the flaps of our tent in the morning and with the fresh air on my face, exclaiming “This is so wonderful! Much preferable and better than any 4 or 5 star hotel” That is what your description of the morning symphony of creatures awakened in my memories. The complete sensual overwhelm of sight, sound, fresh smells, feeling the wind in my face and hair seems to unite the essence of my nature with the “bigger” nature out there and unite my little ordinary soul with the larger divine soul. Stay dry, warm and safe if you can! 🙂

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