Meriwether Lewis Campground, Natchez Trace Parkway National Park, Hohenwald, TN

Section of the original Natchez Trace
This shot represents an idyllic section of the original Natchez Trace, the Old Trace as it is sometimes called. In reality, some sections of the Trace at times were miserable with water and mud, heat, humidity, insects and highwaymen (robbers). Travel was sometimes extremely difficult, even impossible.

The campground sits on a hilltop and as I wrote this in early April many if not most sites have views through the trees in one or more directions. Once the trees fill out with the new leaves leaves of spring (they were still bare when I was there) those views will likely disappear–the campground is in a forest of deciduous trees.

Just a mile from the campground is the gravesite of and memorial to Meriwether Lewis of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition also known as the Corps of Discovery. After that famed expedition, as Governor of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis traveled the Old Trace on his way to Washington D.C. and it is within a few steps of his gravesite that he met his untimely death by gunshot. It appears uncertain whether it was murder or suicide. READ MORE…

4 thoughts on “Meriwether Lewis Campground, Natchez Trace Parkway National Park, Hohenwald, TN”

  1. My thought about explorers then is that their daily life did not have all the conveniences and securities of today that we have-and so they were hardier and tougher than many of us today are and they knew a lot about survival in the wilderness-however having said that it took courageous men and a few Women to be explorers and I don’t want to take any credit away from them and their courage and intelligence to attempt such a journeys!

  2. hohenwald(German):hohen- high. wald- forest “high forest” / forest high up in the hills/ a little etiomology perhaps settled by early German immigrants and settlers? 🙂

      1. I don’t unfortunately, having trouble planning my trip to see as many friends as possible on a short time and they all live far apart!!! But I thoughtit would be fun to guess at the history by place names. Perhaps some day I might look it up. I enjoy history. Bon voyage!

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