Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL

Gunter Hill Campground
Antoch Branch from Gunter Hill Campground Catoma loop, Montgomery, AL.

I felt like I was in something of a paradise at this park, surrounded by tall trees sporting their lush, new, verdant spring finery; birds singing all around, camped on a lake shore; fairly peaceful and quiet, warm moist air… ahhhh. As far as campgrounds go this was my kind of place, at my time of year. Even the warm rain was a joyous experience. Bear in mind, my arrival here may have been at the optimum time of year when spring had sprung and was in full swing, the weather warm and muggy but not yet oppressive as heat and humidity can become. Just prior to my arrival here I had been traveling through parts of the country where the arrival of spring was little more than hinted at by a few flowering trees and the tiny tips of new leaves that were just beginning to timidly show themselves in the trees. Before that I’d been 8 weeks in the hot, dry desert which, don’t get me wrong, was very beautiful in it’s own way but in great contrast to the lush green of Gunter Hill. So, in arriving here I felt as if I’d, well, arrived… in a place something idyllic. I wanted to stay forever. READ MORE…


3 thoughts on “Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL”

  1. Love that fresh water reflecting the clouds-very inviting for a refreshing swim. Yes Spring is full of new life, renewed hope and energy, new leaves, blossoms, and a feeling that nature is embracing you with a warm strong hug! Thx for lovely photos!

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