3,000 Miles Later

Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

It seems like yesterday that I was at the Imperial Dam LTVA near Yuma, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t that long ago however. Was it about mid March I left the desert? It’s all a swirl in my head.

Since then I’ve been through Arizona, New Mexico, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida panhandle, and now I find myself rather completely across the USA from my desert wintering grounds–I write this post from the fair city of Savannah, Georgia. Oh wait, that was a couple days ago when I started this post. I’m now in South Carolina. Phew…

I have not written in my blog nearly as much as I would like in order to tell you of the experiences I’ve had along the way, but it’s really, really hard to find the time and the energy to write as much as I’d like. In my defense, I think I’ve done a pretty good job reporting on some of the campgrounds I’ve stayed at along the way.

Today I’m going to leave you with a few photos I’ve taken recently on my cross continental cruise hoping they will to some measure substitute for my recent lack of verbiage to which I hope to add soon.



7 thoughts on “3,000 Miles Later”

  1. Cool photos with descriptions make up for lack of verbiage-never knew about Brookgreen gardens in SC all lovely photos! I caught up on Florida water fall post-serious delays for me here only 6 hours away but cyber jet lag none the less! Don’t swim with gators – may be hazardous to your health!!! ;). Adieu!

  2. Whew, you sure don’t let any dust settle. I wouldn’t have time to post either if I was moving at that pace. At the rate you’re clipping, you will see the rest of the US in the next six months LOL. Happy trails 🙂

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