Wet Vest
Here’s a shot of me wearing the down vest I wore under my Frogg Toggs just after coming in from my walk in the rain. The dark areas are wet. My Frogg Toggs didn’t keep me dry.

I already had a Precip jacket from Marmot with their proprietary waterproofing material and some pants with a GoreTex lining, both of which offer protection from rain, but I wanted to reserve those for hiking and use something else while riding my motorcycle. Enter Frogg Toggs. I hadn’t heard of them before, but when I was in a sporting goods shop somewhere the salesman tried to interest me in them. I wasn’t sold. I thought the material had a strange feel and the fit seemed awkward. Some days or weeks later, when I was in a motorcycle shop in Montrose, Colorado when they turned up again, and I read the promotional materials promising waterproof clothing, I took the Frogg Toggs plunge. READ MORE…


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