Blue Ridge Parkway, VA to Newton, NJ

Moncove Lake State Park Sign
A view of Moncove Lake.

June 17, 2015 finds me in Newton, NJ, where I stopped to meet a gal whose path I crossed on a dating web site. Since beginning my See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip I decided that I might like to extend my trip plans from “6 months to a year then sell the RV” to “maybe I’ll continue this lifestyle for some time to come, especially if I can find company”.

Lower Doyles River Falls, Shenandoah National Park, VA
This is the upper portion of Lower Doyles River Falls, Shenandoah National Park, VA.

It was with that thinking that I signed up at an online dating site to find a woman who might like to RV the USA for a spell. Guess what? There are some out there. Some of those I’ve come across  have obligations that prevent them from living the RV lifestyle. Others don’t have much interest in me it seems or visa-versa. Since the time I put myself online I’ve met a few women, butI don’t think any of them represent a copilot for my RV adventure. Some are in parts of the country far away from me and it will be a while before we can meet and decide how to proceed.

Blackberry Fungus
I’d never seen green leaves fringed with rich orange before so I photographed them. Later I learned the orange fringing is a fungus that attacks blackberry plants. Shenandoah, National Park.

Today I leave Newton headed for Milford, PA. So is my current thinking. Milford represents but a 30 mile drive from Newton. It’s a place to kill a day. You see, I’m stalling. This coming weekend I have reservations in NY at a campground near my brother’s place. In order to economize I’m spending the days between last weekend when I was visiting a dear old friend in NJ and this coming weekend by eating up a few nights at Walmarts along the way. I have tonight and tomorrow to kill before rolling into the campground I’ve booked.

Greenbelt National Park Campground, MD
There was a real mix of camping styles evident at Greenbelt National Park Campground. Here you can see one of those little teardrop trailers on the left, my Class C rig with a big Class A behind it to the right, and a tent camper. What you cannot see is the motorcyclist camping out of view to the right.

Since my last Travel Report “Coming to You from Moncove Lake, WV“–WV having been a two day side trip out of VA in order to check it off my 50 states list–I returned to VA in order to complete my northward journey along the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) and to continue northward in order to travel Skyline Drive (SD), a 105 mile route that runs through Shenandoah National Park. SD’s northern terminus is by the town of Front Royal, VA, from which a headed a little southeast to Warrenton, VA, where I once again imposed upon the goodwill of Walmart in order to seek refuge for a night. It was in that area I met another woman with whom I’d become acquainted via the web. While we seemed to share some interests, in terms of sparks it was a fizzle and we’ve had no contact since our meeting.

Tick warning sign.
This warning sign was positioned at the entry point of Greenbelt National Park, MD. How’s that for throwing cold water on your camping expectations?

From Warrenton, I traveled east, skirting the northern part of our nation’s capitol and landing in Greenbelt National Park, in Greenbelt, MD, but a hop, skip and a jump from D.C. It is very convenient to D.C. yet seems little known. Having been to D.C. before I opted to skip it this time in favor of hanging in Greenbelt amidst the trees, and perhaps I should also say ticks. You know those portable electronic signs they tote around in order to set them up roadside, warning of construction zones, detours and the like? The ones with dozens of small light bulbs that illuminate and flash in order to spell out warning messages? Well, there was one of those at the entry to Greenbelt NP warning of ticks. Now that was truly something I’d never seen before… and never wish to see again! I hunkered down in Greenbelt while attending to some routine medical care at my HMO which has offices near there, all the while avoiding the trails through the woods, restricting my hikes to the park roadway in order to minimize the likelihood of encounters with the dreaded tick that ate Chicago.

Window View: Loft Mountain
A view out my window at Loft Mountain Campground, Shenandoah National Park, VA.

From Greenbelt NP it was on to visit with a lifelong friend in NJ. While I was there one of my teeth decided to give up the ghost and crumble. I thought that waiting for a crown to be constructed–something that has previously taken a week or so in my experience–might necessitate changing my campground reservations for the following weekend and postpone my visit with my brother. As it turns out, advancements in digital technology and dentistry have led to the creation of a machine that can create a crown in minutes. Who knew? I found a dentist within a few miles of my friend’s place who had one of these machines and within a few hours of my phone call to his office I walked out of it with a new crown after having a root canal performed.

Dr. Greyf
Dr. Greyf puts the finishing touches on a 3D model of what will in a few minutes become a new porcelain dental crown for my.

I end today’s Travel Report where it began, in Newton, NJ, as I prepare to head north to Milford, PA.


14 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway, VA to Newton, NJ”

  1. My husband and I met online and an important criteria was someone who loved camping and travel. We’ve been together ten years; married eight.

  2. Here’s to having success with the internet thing. I really like the waterfall result. Fine things you can do with a Nikon. Still sitting on my butt watching Issy do all the work.

  3. I love your shot of your dining table with the window forest background. I’ve always had a thing for pictures that people take of the inside of their rv’s showing their views from inside. Thanks for taking time to write a blog and put it together. Your quality photos are very enjoyable.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion on National Forest near DC – it is hard to find somewhere reasonable to stay in the area and I hadn’t thought about National Forest/Park.

  5. Thanks for the education about the fungus tinged leaves. I had never seen them before so the photo was intriguing just as the explanation you provided! Continue to strive in good fortune!

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