Campground Report: Lake Waramaug State Park, New Preston, CT

Lovers - Lake Waramaug
A young couple enjoy each other’s company along the shore of Lake Waramaug, CT.
Lake Waramaug Campground is a Connecticut State Park Campground. For CT residents it’s $17 a night. I was a bit taken aback when I was billed $27 a night on the ReserveAmerica web site. It’s very hard to find out what you will actually pay on their site and I wish more people would complain about this to the various entities that hire them to handle their reservations. READ MORE…


4 thoughts on “Campground Report: Lake Waramaug State Park, New Preston, CT”

  1. Lovely scene= any Californian will be envious of the lush green and the cool blue lake. Interestingly the two photos of couples around the lake seem to have slightly different qualities to them- the younger couple are enjoying each other and the older ones enjoying the lake (scenery?) or each other but differently.Photos really tell stories=one of the scenery and one of the photographer and one of the observer/audience of the photo!It is all so interesting-so many dimensions to one pic(story)photo!

    1. I can’t know what was going on with the more mature couple, or even if they were a couple.

      I think that sometimes the stories told by by a picture are more revealing of the viewer–that which we see in a photo or a painting may be more a projection of our own realities than anything else.

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