Photo Post: Tidepool, Acadia National Park, ME

I found abstract art in this little tidepool at Acadia National Park.

Today I meandered around the rocky coast of Maine at Acadia National Park. I waited until the height of low tide. (See what I did there? Hahah.) It is then that the tide-pools can be explored, and in my case photographed.

Unlike others who were looking for the animal inhabitants, I was in search of color and patterns–nature’s abstract art if you will. This is one of the shots I came away with and I’m rather pleased with it. I hope you like it too.


10 thoughts on “Photo Post: Tidepool, Acadia National Park, ME”

  1. Haiku cannot even describe the beauty your eyes have noticed and captured in this photo. Your picture is worth a thousand syllables.

      1. Well, nature’s abstractions are not always apparent to the casual eye…and even when they are, additional skill is needed to transform that into a readable, relatable format. That makes a shot more than just a pretty picture. So thank YOU!

    1. Seawall Campground is tucked away down in the southwest of the island. Traffic wasn’t too bad when I was there but it can be, especially up in the Bar Harbor area, the opposite end of the park. That’s what the locals tell me. I’m not sure Acadia is the place to come in order to feel like you’re getting away.

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