Peaks of Otter Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

Sharptop Mtn. and Abbot Lake
Sharptop Mountain over Abbot Lake. It’s but a short hike through the woods from Peaks of Otter Campground to the lodge from where this photo was taken. You can drive over too. The lodge has a restaurant that is open to the public and there is free wifi there. Cross your fingers that it is working when you go.

To my absolute delight and childlike glee I saw something as I strolled around Abbott Lake by the nearby Peaks of Otter Lodge that I can’t recall seeing since I was a child: fireflies! If you haven’t ever seen them these wonderful little bugs carry their own miniature strobe lights around with them and flash them periodically as they fly around in the evenings. As children we used to catch them and put them in glass jars and marvel at their ability to light themselves up, but by the time I was a teen they were no longer to be found in the neighborhood where I grew up. As I walked back to the campground from the lodge one evening I saw a tiny little pinprick of light in the near distance. Then another, and another, and as I turned to look around I saw dozens of periodic flashes all around me, maybe hundreds. I was beside myself with joy. A tear came to my eyes as I called out aloud “Hello fireflies! Hello to all of you. I’m so very happy to see you, each and every one!” They made the child in me so happy. It’s good to know they’re still around in places. READ MORE…


4 thoughts on “Peaks of Otter Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway, VA”

  1. I wonder what kind of photo the fireflies would produce if you could photograph them by leaving the lens open for a determined time- little streaks or curls of lines-dancing photo?

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