Things I’ve learned About Solar Power

The solar panel portion of the GoPower GP-PSK-120 solar panel kit
A 120 watt, portable solar panel kit

When I set out on my See-the-USA-in-an-RV adventure I brought along with me a portable solar panel kit which I hoped would offset the amount I would have to run my RVs built in generator. Little did I know at that time that learning about solar power would also turn out to be quite an adventure.

After learning how best to charge my batteries and buying a new charge controller that would get the job done, I find that with good sun and judicious use of electricity in my rig, my little 120 watt panel provides all the electricity I need, air-conditioning and microwave excepted.

There is a great deal to know in order to understand and maximize the free energy provided by the sun. I have learned quite a bit and share some of that in my new article Things I’ve learned About Solar which you can find HERE.


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