Around the World… by Motorcycle!

Steve Henley and his Triumph Tiger
Almost ready to roll, Steve has just about everything piled onto his Triumph. Is there any room left for him?

I thought that when I started my See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip I was headed out on a big adventure. I think I was right, and not to take anything away from that, but seeing the world via motorcycle seems something on a grander scale. Such is the undertaking of Steve Henley, a fellow camper I met at Greenbelt National Park in Maryland. READ MORE…


8 thoughts on “Around the World… by Motorcycle!”

  1. Fascinating to hear of Steve’s adventures. Glad to know you’re ok, still camping and roaming the East Coast. I cannot say that I’m a motorcycle fan myself, but I certainly understand and remember meeting welcoming and kind people on my travels through Central and South America. It seems being part of the more developed world we are further removed from the essentials that make us “happy” and “friendly and outgoing” which it seems is being and feeling connected to family and community and human beings in general. Although cell phone and other electronic devices are very useful-they do have their other side-the possibility of being disconnected when in fact they can facilitate connecting with others. Interesting thoughts to ponder. I too have found that people in general are friendly and helpful and open to receive guests in their own cultural and different ways. Good to know that there seem to be more “good and friendly” people in the world than not, especially when you hear news of wars and political problems around the world.

  2. Russ, it sounds like you are still very much enjoying your RV adventure. Another interesting interview. Please keep up the great storytelling I am intrigued by your stories and the people you have met up with along the way.

  3. What an amazing fellow and how lucky were you to meet him! Love your posts! Thanks so much for taking the time to document your travels
    ! We really enjoy it!

    1. Glad you enjoyed that 🙂 I’ve met some other really interesting adventurers like Chris who for 23 years has been hitchhiking around the continent living out of his backpack and Harrison who rode his bicycle from Alaska to Florida! If you like reading that sort of thing see the People section of my blog… Oh, and tell all your friends and shop my Amazon link, please 🙂

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