What then? I wonder.

View From Blue Lakes Pass Above Yankee Boy Basin
View From Blue Lakes Pass Above Yankee Boy Basin

As I’ve traveled about I’ve seen the most amazing places from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. There has been the desolate beauty of the desert and the mysterious spookiness of the swamp. There have been interesting people: fabulous photographers; a man named Chris who for 23 years has hitch-hiked the country living out of his backpack; Harrison, who was riding his bicycle from Alaska to Florida, and Steve who as of this writing is still riding his motorcycle around the world. I even found romance with a wonderful woman in New England, for a time, anyway. So, when I think of going home, of going back to California, I also think of those things and how many others like them still await discovery and exploration. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “What then? I wonder.”

  1. This is the time of the year Fall when we gather the harvest from Spring and Summer and take a good look of what we have in our basket and ask What now? as you so aptly put it. What will year two bring around the second tour? Will it produce more depth in the photo journey, more depth and maturity in feelings and perception? Or perhaps the chance to meet other interesting people with whom to share common interests and friendships? Wishing you well on “tour 2” Bon voyage! Enjoyed seeing the photo album of this year’s tour.

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