48, 49, 50… Done!

This view is from the Cedar Pass Campground at sunrise.
This view is from the Cedar Pass Campground at sunrise.

South Dakota… it’s the end of the line. It’s the beginning. In May of 2014 I set out on my See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip with the goal of seeing America’s nature and getting to the 34 states I’d not yet been to. State 48 was Kansas, 49, Nebraska, and yesterday when I awoke it was for the first time in South Dakota. I can now say that I have spent at least one night in every state of the USA. It’s the end of that goal, silly or not as it may be. It’s done.

As such it is also the beginning. The beginning of everything that is to come after attaining that goal. There is still more RVing in my future, at least enough to make the trip from South Dakota home to Berkeley, CA. There’s more RVing to do here in SD even before I begin that leg of my journey. I post this while in Badland’s National Park. Mt. Rushmore is another SD destination I plan to take in before meandering to CA. READ MORE…


10 thoughts on “48, 49, 50… Done!”

  1. Great photos, Russ. You should go to Washington, DC and take photos of the Korean War Memorial. Night shots are VERY EERIE. Facial expressions on the statues are great for that eerie feeling.

  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal! Altho I joined your following rather late, I have thoroughly enjoyed your great images, both pictorial and semantic. I’m sure my travels will be enriched by your insights and information.

    safe travels,


    1. Thanks, Kathi.

      It’s really hard to know whether you began following my blog late, or if it was in fact early, because it is well within the realm of possibilities that my full-time RVing life is but in its nascent stages. True, I’ve satisfied the 50 state “requirement”, but now I’m free to wander at amore relaxed pace, and wander I may, after what may be a relatively brief visit to CA.

  3. We loved our stay in the Badlands and Black Hills. We’re thinking about returning next year for the Buffalo round-up. Beautiful shot of the Badlands. Can’t wait to see where you meander to in 2016 now that you’ve completed your quest.

    1. Only one art of my quest can be said to be “complete”, and even then… well, there were a few states I only spent one night in and I’d like to go back and “do it right”, if there is such a thing.

      There’s a lot of this country I haven’t seen. As a full-timer I know you know that you could travel the states for a lifetime and still not have seen everything worth seeing.

      Glad you liked the pics 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Russ, Congratulations on accomplishing your goal of visiting all 50 states.  We love your photos of your travels.  Keep em coming. Tim  

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