Photo Post

Badlands National Park
Taken near Cedar Pass Campground in Badlands National Park.

I haven’t written a great deal lately–I’ve been very mobile. As I post I am just a few miles outside Arches National Park in Utah. I made a beeline here from Badlands National Park in South Dakota, stopping briefly at Mount Rushmore, followed by a few one-nighters on my way here.

This photo gallery includes pics from Omaha, NE, Badlands Nat’l Park and Mt. Rushmore in SD, and Arches Nat’l Park and vicinity in UT. While you should be able to view images in the gallery on a mobile device they will be too small to appreciate, so, if you can I suggest using a desktop or laptop computer. The bigger the screen the better. One click on a thumbnail should show  caption or part of it, and a second click should bring you into the slide show where clicking on the left or right will enble going forward or backward… I hope. LOL.


16 thoughts on “Photo Post”

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Wouldn’t you know it that the images display in a completely different way than on my iPad and iPhone than the my editing software indicated and the way I explained in my post Technology… sheesh.

  1. Great collection of road images. I really like the what you captured at Mt. Rushmore with the repeating columns. Perfect composition and lighting. It takes a great eye to envision that scene and then to get it into the camera for us to enjoy.  Thanks for sharing your outstanding photography.


      1. No favorite in Arches. Any and all of the hikes are awesome during the golden hour. Don’t miss Dead Horse SP and Canyonlands. The well know Mesa Arch at sunrise is popular and I like it at sunset as well. Email me if you need info on camping ideas.

    1. Oh whoah! Thick fingers and crazy iPad autocorrect there. I meant to write that I’m especially enamored with the Badlands pic.

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