Photo Post: Arches NP, Monument Valley, Goosenecks SP, Trona Pinnacles, Canyonlands NP, Valley of the Gods

I’ve been covering quite a bit of ground lately. Here are a few photos from places I’ve been:


8 thoughts on “Photo Post: Arches NP, Monument Valley, Goosenecks SP, Trona Pinnacles, Canyonlands NP, Valley of the Gods”

    1. That’s a two part question it seems to me and there is a two part answer: yes, and I don’t know. My original plan was to buy an RV, take 6-12 months to see the USA, go home and sell the rig. It’s very nearly 18 months since I began this adventure and I am in fact heading home. I’ll be there in 2-3 days, I expect.

      As this trip progressed I began to consider RVing as a full-time lifestyle going forward. It is, as someone said to me recently, a quality lifestyle. It may become my permanent lifestyle, but that won’t be, I don’t think, until at least the spring. I would have to give up my aparment, get rid of a lot of things, arrange for acceptable health care, and I would want a different RV set-up. A year would be a reasonable amount of time to accomplish all those things in my estimation. Whether or not all that comes to pass… which way the wind will blow… well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  1. Beautiful photos. Have enjoyed your blog .
    You have shown me what a beautiful country we have here. Your travel info will be very useful for RV ers .
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely pics of the canyons and arches. I love the way the sky seems to take on increasingly larger space in your photos. Very dramatic compositions! You have lasted in your rig for 18 months -bravo! Quite an accomplishment through heat and cold and storms and beautiful scenery, meeting interesting people and leaping from adventure to adventure! Hope that coming home will be satisfying and joyous for you!

    1. Glad you liked the photos. I’m a big lover of clouds. They aways seem perfect in their composition–they way they form is almost always so beautiful.

      I’m home now, emptying out the RV, etc. I’ll probably write something about that soon.

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