A Single RVer’s Guide to Finding Romance on the Road

Image by Claudette Gallant
Image by Claudette Gallant, http://publikado.blogspot.ca/

It’s over a year now since Diane and I met. I’m from the left coast, she’s from the right–California and Connecticut respectively. I was traveling the US in my motorhome and I’d been on the road over a year. During that time I’d been to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, all the states along the southern coast and I was working my way up the eastern seaboard from Florida through Georgia and the Virginias on my way to Maine.

Before I go any further perhaps I should say this piece isn’t about the art of romance–candles and flowers, walks on the beach or whatever any particular person finds romantic. It’s not about what to say when, or how to approach the first kiss. It isn’t about what clothes to wear or the importance of grooming. It’s not about any of that. What this piece is about is the method I used to meet eligible women as I traveled around America. READ MORE…


2 thoughts on “A Single RVer’s Guide to Finding Romance on the Road”

  1. Hey Russ,

    I just spent 10 days in New England. Stayed at two very nice places. In Westport New York at Barber Homestead RV park, very quiet and nice people. Then for several days near Gotham, NH at Timberland Campground. Those places were just perfect for my wife and three quiet dogs.

    Hope your doing well.


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