The Adventure Continues

Japanese Garden, Lithia Park, Ashland, OR.
Japanese Garden, Lithia Park, Ashland, OR.

After a brief pause of something a little less less than 2 years–well, that’s brief in geological terms, anyway–my 18 month adventure of traveling the USA in a motorhome that concluded in October 2015 has resumed. It will be different this time: rather than traveling by motorhome I’ll be towing a 5th wheel RV with my new pickup truck. (Those of you who follow my blog may have caught my four part series How to Get the Best Deal on a New Car or Truck Without Ever Talking to a Salesman.) I also hope to take more time traveling the USA this time around, more than the 18 months I spent the first time. However, the biggest, most important difference of my trip this time will be that it won’t be my trip, it will be our trip, as I will be traveling with my lovely companion Diane whom I met back east on my earlier excursion. (Previously, in A Single RVer’s Guide to Finding Romance on the Road I wrote about my methods for pursuing love while RVing the country. I was extremely fortunate in my pursuit.)

Bowling Ball Beach, CA.

A few days more than a month ago Diane and I loaded up our pickup truck with things we wanted to have in our new 5th wheel and we set off from Berkeley toward Portland to pick up the new trailer. We traveled mostly along the California and Oregon coastal route because Diane is a coast lover and hadn’t yet seen much of the CA coast and none of Oregon’s.

Mt St. Helens. When she last blew in 1980 she took out something like 232 square miles of terrain. Holy cow!

On Oct. 10 after loading the RV with things from the truck we hitched the two together “officially” launching this new chapter in both of our lives. From the Portland area where we camped in beautiful Milo McIver State Park we headed north toward Seattle to visit Diane’s family. We stayed one night at a Walmart along the way in Yelm, WA, so Diane could see what “Walmarting” is like. The next day we found ourselves at the Washington State Fairgrounds RV Park in Puyallup where we parked while visiting Diane’s family. After that it was down toward the Johnston Ridge Observatory at Mt. St Helens which is highly worth a visit. There we stayed in Silver Lake at the new and sparkly Silver Cove RV Resort. This was followed by a couple days in Ashland and a couple nights in CA before arriving back in the bay area where we are now tasked with readying the rig and our lives for full-timing beginning sometime in the spring. Before then we plan to head south for a month or so to enjoy some desert warmth and sunsets at the Imperial Dam LTVA about which I penned a five post series and separate boondocking report when I stayed there back in 2014-15.

A view along the Oregon coast.

Our new fifth wheel, BTW, is an Arctic Fox 29-5T. We settled on it after many months during which we compared more than a few. Things that influenced our decision included: warranted even for full-time use; floor plan; lots of windows; large enough to live in and as small as we could get to feel that way; custom made frame; large net carrying capacity, nearly 4,000#; reputation for being well insulated; we can navigate the entire rig when the slides are closed and access most cabinets, the fridge and bathroom. The trailer is about 34′ long.

Windows abound in the 29-5T which lets in lots of light and provides ample opportunity to see the sights outside while camped.

12 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues”

      1. Yes, I do! As you can tell by my lack of frequency. And btw, think about adding the photos in a full/large size versus the medium. (I’m talking about the WordPress size when uploading to the post) On smaller devices, it’s hard to see the pics.

        1. I really don’t know about the “WordPress” size. I generally size my pics about 1200 x 800 and to open full size if clicked on. Yeah, I’ve heard that people don’t click on photos–can’t figure out why not–but I do. I’ll look at the WordPress interface to see if I can figure out exactly what you are referring to.

  1. Good for you! Glad u found someone to share your adventures with too. We just bought a Nash which is made by Northwoods also- will look forward to following you both in the future. B safe.

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  2. Good to see you are back on the road with a beautiful rig. I like all the windows and the light you get from them. It seems as if we don’t want to bump into you anytime soon. We are in NC going south and you just returned to the Bay Area. t would be tough to get much farther apart and still be in the same country. lol Let’s change that situation sometime next year. Have some happy holidays and keep us informed of your where-a-bouts. Tim & Issy

    1. We’ll be in the desert near Yuma for a month or so beginning mid-December if things stay on track. As I recall you said you’d be out to AZ next spring, about the time we expect to head off full time. Maybe then 🙂

  3. Congratulations on several levels! Good to hear you are back on the road. I bet Diane is loving the west coast tour, it is so beautiful up there…

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