Milo McGiver State Park Campground
Our first campsite ever in our new 2018 Arctic Fox 29-5T: Milo McGiver State Park in Oregon. What a beautiful place.

This post is just to let you know that I have just published a User Report about the Arctic Fox 29-5T fifth wheel travel trailer. I am not including the report in in my blog email update simply because it is much too long and might be a bore for disinterested readers. Truth be told, there are numerous tidbits of information within the report that may be valuable for any RVer or would-be RVer. Even so, I will let people who are interested click through to the report.

I will, in brief, say that in general, when I write a User Report that’s what it is, a user report, not a fluff piece that simply quotes a manufacturer’s literature or points you to a page where I can profit from you making a purchase. It’s based on actual experience. After 6 years of RVing experience and having lived in RVs for something akin to three years I may be in a better position to tell you about things from the perspective of an RV owner than many if not most RV salespeople or manufacturers.

Within the report I compare the 2018 model year I own to the current 2020 unit pointing out some changes, some small and some large. I also make some comments more reflective on the RV industry as a whole. If you are considering the purchase of an Arctic Fox 29-5T I would consider my report a must-read. I also think there is useful information within the report for anybody considering the purchase of any RV. Hopefully, anybody who reads the report for any reason will find something of value.

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