Prosser Family Campground
In order to fit into campsite 23 completely it was necessary to park the pickup at an angle in front of the fifth wheel.

With 29 campsites Prosser Family Campground, A.K.A. Prosser Campground, not to be confused with Prosser Ranch Group Campground next door, is a small, Forest Service campground in Truckee, CA which is in the Sierra Nevada mountains at an elevation of nearly 6,000′. It is set amidst tall pine trees which create quite a bit of shade for most campsites, yet some sites get enough sun to allow solar equipped RVs such as ours to generate enough power so as to be able to avoid running generators (except to run air-conditioners). Typical, summer, Sierra mountain weather with temps in the 70s and 80s and low humidity would make that seem a less likely scenario. We experienced a heat wave the last time we were in Truckee with temps up to 90º or so and while it was quite warm in the RV we got by with running our Fan-Tastic fans without running the dreaded generators. (These roof-vent fans have multiple speeds, thermostats, rain sensors that close the lids automatically, remote controls, and airflow can be reversed at the push of a button so with one blowing in and one blowing out you can establish a circulation pattern through the RV.) [READ MORE…]

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