Red Bluff RV Park
Substantial tree coverage should mitigate the hot sun in summer months at Red Bluff RV Park.

Red Bluff RV Park was a one night stopover for us and it fit the bill nicely. It was far enough from I-5 that noise from that freeway wasn’t a problem but close enough that access to the campground wasn’t problematic. There was some local road noise but we weren’t disturbed by it inside the RV at night.

The campground was mostly full when we were there November 23, 2020. I don’t know how much of that had to do with the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a COVID-19 year. I got the feeling there were quite a few long-term campers there and I can understand why. It’s a relatively pleasant place as far as commercial RV parks go. I noticed some barbecues and other things that people tend to leave around outside when they are long-term residents but there was no sense of trashiness to the place. [READ MORE…]

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