In this photo you can see some of the aluminum channel I used, and some of the diffusing lens that snaps into it after you place the LED strip into the channel. Also shown is some of the LED light strip. I’ve marked the cut points and copper soldering pads on the strip. Note that the soldering pads show + and – symbols indicating polarity.

Are you annoyed by the lack of adequate lighting in the closets or cabinets of your RV? If so, then this is an article you will want to read.

At home I can see fairly well into my kitchen cabinets and wardrobe just from the ambient room light without the aid of supplemental lighting within the cabinets or closet. This is not the case in my RV, however. The pantry cabinets in the kitchen are fully two feet deep–you can barely reach to the back of them–and while room light spills into the upper two of the five shelves the lower three are dark and require a flashlight to see into their recesses. The wardrobe closet in my RV is also impossibly dark inside much of it. See how I added some lights. [READ MORE…]

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