Close-up of male Anna's hummingbird
Meet Mr. Glisten, the little male, Anna’s hummingbird that visits the RV every day. My feeder (details about it in the article) attaches to the dinette window so when he visits he’s just inches away.

Hummingbirds on Your Fingers – Flying Emeralds – Jewels in the Sky

This article is about the amazing hummingbird—a few interesting facts, a way for RVers to enjoy them up close and personal, and even how to have them eating out of your hand, literally, and unlike so many who abuse the word “literally” I use it literally.

The lead photo for this article is one I took of a male Anna’s hummingbird that has been coming to visit the RV every day. He comes to a feeder suction-cupped to the window just inches away from the dinette table. I used a zoom lens for this photo then cropped in tighter it after it was taken. Unfortunately, the day was cloudy and gray so “Mr. Glisten’s” colors—yes, I’ve named him—don’t pop as they might on a sunnier day, but you get the idea from this larger-than-life photo.

Diane is excited about hand-feeding hummingbirds. In this article I’ll tell you how to get them to eat out of the palm of your hand, and more. [READ MORE…]

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