Electric spark generator
This is the electric spark generator I used to replace the piezoelectric igniter in the RV range. Now the burners light, every time, with one quick, quiet push of a button.

Pretty much everyone with an RV knows what a pain in the keister the piezoelectric stove igniters can be. Though they seldom wear out, they have been widely acknowledged as one of the most problematic, unreliable technologies used in RVs as well as a source of RVer frustration. They require turning a knob and make a loud bang whenever they are used. Everybody knows when the water for morning coffee is being put on to boil because the dang igniter wakes up everyone in the RV. All too often one turn of the knob and one loud bang isn’t enough because they don’t always light the burners on the first crank of the knob. Sometimes they just don’t seem to work at all. Many people have given up on these in favor of BBQ lighters which can be similarly finicky–they too commonly use piezoelectric igniters.

Because these piezoelectric igniters have made RVing cooks everywhere unhappy, including in my RVs, I set out to find a better system. I have! It took a little bit of doing but it was not a difficult modification–I just finished installing an electric spark generator, the type that’s commonly used for gas grills. HERE’S HOW…

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