Cajun Haven, Egan, LA

Cajun Haven: One Ray of Sunshine
I didn’t look closely at this campsite, but it was colorful and seemed the owner of the RV was exercising some inventiveness in decorating. To me this site was something of a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary environment.

LOCATION: 434 Trumps Rd., Egan, LA. I saw no signage for the park roadside but it’s obvious enough.
KIND: Independent
RATES: $20 as of November, 2018
RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED: Maybe, but informally, perhaps
FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED: I suppose if they have an opening when you arrive
CAMPGROUND WEB SITE: None I could find
CAMPGROUND MAP: None as far as I know but you can see the satellite view screen shot
HOSTED: The manager with whom I dealt lives on the premises
PHONE: 337-458-1955, 337-783-7330
GPS: From a pin I dropped in Google Maps: 30.234869,-92.528589

ACCESS: Via paved roads to the campground, dirt and gravel within
SITES: 63 according to AllStays
SURFACING: Gravel, grass
PULL THRU: Yes, most if not all
BACK-IN: Most if not all are Pull-thrus
MAXIMUM RIG SIZE: None specified, but see the satellite view
TENTS: I think so
SHADE: A few sites may have some
SPACING: Close, but not uber crammed together
PETS: Dunno the rules, but there were cats wandering around

HOOKUPS: 54 of the 63 sites have full hookups according to AllStays
DUMP STATION: Yes (AllStays)
ELECTRICAL QUALITY: OK as indicated by our Progressive Industries Power Management System, Model EMS-HW50C.

CELLULAR: Both AT&T and Verizon were OK

Over-the-air: I think we had reception
Cable: No
WiFi: No

RESTROOM RATING: FAIL. Management advised me to avoid the restrooms–advice I should have heeded–blaming the condition on the workers who were residing in the campground which I thought was likely a lame excuse. (I assign a Pass or Fail rating based on many considerations including: cleanliness, usability, hot water availability, hand soap availability, ease or difficulty it is to use the toilet paper, condition of fixtures, if using the restroom is a pleasant or unpleasant experience, etc.)
SOAP: Didn’t bother to look but I would be surprised.
TOILETS: Flush but I wouldn’t use them unless I ABSOLUTELY had to.
SHOWERS: After seeing one toilet stall in the dark bathhouse I didn’t even bother to look.
SHOWER RATING: UNRATED (I evaluate showers in a similar fashion to restrooms. See above.)
TRASH: I think so
WATER SOFTNESS: I didn’t check

BUGS: Not a problem when we were there in late November
NEAREST FACILITIES: Egan, as I recall, is kind of a non-town, so I wouldn’t expect much.
Gas: There is a Shell station about 6 minutes away, and reportedly gas at the Egan Food Store 3 miles away
Dump: In the campground according to AllStays
Propane: I think I may have seen a propane filling station at the park but I would call ahead to inquire.
Groceries: The only return I got on Google for groceries in Egan was the Egan Food Store about which I know nothing.
RV Parks: There are a number of campgrounds east, west, north and south of Egan. the closest being about 15 miles: City of Rayne being one, Lacassine RV Park another, neither of which I know anything about.

Cajun Haven: Google Maps Satellite View
This Google Maps satellite view shows Cajun Haven RV Park. It’s right along I-10, proximity access is easy, but road noise from the freeway is present. Note the dirt/gravel roads within the park, abundance of pull-thru spaces, proximity of the sites to each other, etc.

We stayed at Cajun Haven RV Park as a one night stopover between New Orleans and our next one night stopover in Texas on our way toward Potters Creek Campground in Canyon Lake, TX. Reviews I found of Cajun Haven prior to camping there were a little bit mixed as they often are. In my own experience, management was very friendly, access to I-10 very convenient, and our campsite was pretty level as were the others because the campground is on a flat open field. There is a small lake or large pond at the campground. Apart from that written above and the rate of $20 for full hookups with 50 amp service, oh, and the free entertainment provided by ducks waddling around the campground there is little I can find to say about Cajun Haven on the positive side.

Cajun Haven: An RV that has Seen Better Days
More than a few of the RVs camped at Cajun Haven were in a state of disrepair.

On the negative side, the campground, which was basically full except for our spot and one other, seemed occupied by longer term tenants in a collection of trashy, mold and mildew covered RVs, and where there wasn’t mold there were blue tarps, cardboard and duct tape. Diane, having had a look at the place as we drove in, refused to get out of the RV for the duration of our one night stay. None of this is said in order to cast dispersions on the tenants of the park, largely workers according to the manager, for I met only two, briefly, and both seemed pleasant enough. I waved to a couple more who provided warm responses, and one other who was unresponsive.

Cajun Haven: The Lake
I didn’t venture to the shore of this small lake, or pond because I didn’t want to disturb some ducks that where there, so I don’t really know if I would like it or not. It may be one of the nicest features of the park… it may be the only nice feature of the park, IMHO.

Having arrived after some rains there were muddy puddles and patches throughout the campground which, while providing places for the ducks to frolic, including some right outside our windows, made walking around something that required a little strategy. The men’s room which I visited once briefly–against management’s advice–is not a place to which I would ever wish to return for any number of reasons, the details of which I will spare you rather than offer up a description that might make your skin crawl. The convenience to I-10 is offset, of course, by the noise provided by this busy thoroughfare.

Cajun Haven: Puddly After the Rain
Having arrived after some rain we found puddles, soggy ground, and mud in places around the campground.

As to our hookups, the sewer fitting had a piece broken off which made for a somewhat insecure connection that would pop apart if stressed. I had to dance around a patch of mud in order to hook up to city water and route our water hose around the muddy section of ground. The electrical pedestal at our site was falling apart (see photo) which had me concerned due to the weather forecast which included rain. The very friendly manager who escorted us to our site “repaired” the cover while we were settling into the site, but it was a “fake news” repair and the cover fell right off and the innards leaned outward when I went to connect our electrical cord.

Cajun Haven: Dying RVs
To me, it’s sad to see people who I presume are forced to live in conditions like this.

Prior to our arrival I had called about reservations. I got a voicemail directing to to another number. I called that and was asked to call back in a few days to check availability, which I did, and I was told they would have a spot for me but no deposit was requested, nor would they take one when I inquired if it was required. Generally, I prefer to have something in writing, but in this case it was not possible to obtain. I phoned three times before arriving to confirm, each time getting voicemail. When I arrived the manager told me he had dropped his cell phone in a puddle recently and it had become unreliable.

The Rig Next Door at Cajun Haven
Not to disparage the other campers at Cajun Haven, but rigs of deteriorating quality there seemed to be the rule rather than the exception.

All-in-all, I would not rate this park highly, but rather place it at the lower end of the spectrum of RV parks at which I have stayed. Cajun Haven or Hellhole? The fact that I visited after some rains contributes to my assessment as the muddiness was a significant negative for me. The condition of muddiness seems to me more likely to change than that of the tenancy or management style which is why I mention it in the summary paragraph–it might be an important consideration for you. I might stay here again, but only if I had to, and only if I didn’t mind Diane refusing to speak to me for a week or two as a result 😉

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