Claystone Park at Lake Tobesofkee, Macon, GA

View of Lake Tobesofkee from the campground at Claystone Park.
View of Lake Tobesofkee from the campground at Claystone Park.

CAMPGROUND NAME: Claystone Park, Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area
LOCATION: 6600 Mosley Dixon Rd., Macon, GA 31220
KIND: County
RATES: We paid $25 for full hookups with 50 amps in November; rates may vary
STAY LIMIT: 7 days
FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED: Check with office
HOSTED: I don’t think so.
PHONE: 478-474-8770, 478-474-8771
EMAIL: None of which I am aware.
GPS: 32.83132, -83.77728

Campsite map of Claystone Park Campground at Lake Tobesofkee, Macon GA
Campsite map of Claystone Park Campground at Lake Tobesofkee, Macon GA. We stayed in #42. Campsites in the 40s have concrete slabs covering part of the sites (see map). Our site was easily long enough for our truck and fifth wheel. There would have been room for another vehicle as well.

ACCESS: Via paved surface streets
SITES: 43 or so
SURFACING: Asphalt for some, concrete and gravel combination for others
MAXIMUM RIG SIZE: Some sites such as the one we were in (42) could accommodate the largest of rigs. Many others were of good size.
LEVELNESS: The sites in the 40s seemed more level to me. These are the pull-thru sites with concrete pads and full hookups.
SHADE: Not in the sites in the 40s, but elsewhere yes, quite a bit
SPACING: There is a grass median of maybe 20′ – 25′ between sites in the 40’s. In general, sites here are not stacked one on top of the other… there is some breathing room.
TENT PADS: While there are tent sites–with electrical hookups at that–I did not see tent pads.
FIRE GRILLS: Yes, for campfires and separate waist high BBQ grills, at least at some sites.
PETS: On leash

Hiking around at Claystone Park Campground.
Hiking around at Claystone Park Campground.

HOOKUPS: Some sites are FHU, others W/E. Tent sites have E. Our sewer hookup was way too high and made dumping difficult. The water hookup was below ground and when it rained it was below water–it would be impossible to create a sanitary hookup under those circumstances. We had 50 amp service,
ELECTRICAL QUALITY: 120 volts, 60 Hz, no faults (as indicated by our Progressive Industries Power Management System, Model EMS-HW50C.

Sites 41 and 42, Claystone Park, Lake Tobesofkee, Macon, GA
This shot will give you a good idea of what the sites numbered in the 40s are like in the campground at Claystone Park. foreground, site 41 (empty), mid-ground, site 42… that’s us.

We had good connectivity with both our AT&T and Verizon devices. This campground is near a good size city.

Over-the-air: Yes, lots of channels
Cable: The campground is wired for cable, at least our site was, but we didn’t try it out since over-the-air stations were plentiful
WiFi: No

RESTROOM RATING: Fail (I assign a Pass or Fail rating based on many considerations including: cleanliness, usability, hot water availability, hand soap availability, ease or difficulty it is to use the toilet paper, condition of fixtures, if using the restroom is a pleasant or unpleasant experience, etc.) The men’s restroom had but one stall and there was no lock on the door. No lock = a failing grade in my book.
SOAP: Hand soap
SHOWER RATING: Fail (I evaluate showers in a similar fashion to restrooms. See above.) The water was not hot enough even after letting it run for a good long while and the stream of water from the shower heads was strong enough to irritate… I wanted to say rip your face off but that might be an exaggeration
WATER SOFTNESS: I didn’t check
LAUNDRY: Yes, but we refused to use it because of a brownish puddle in the middle of the small room. It was gross, and perhaps even dangerous.

BUGS: A few mosquitos when we were there in early November.

Gas: Within a few miles
Dump: In the campground
Propane: AllStays indicates a Tractor Supply 5 miles away
Groceries: We shopped at a Kroger a few miles away
RV Parks: Arrowhead Lake is another campground on Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area but on the south side of the lake

The Ocomulgee River at Amerson River Park, Macon, GA
The Ocomulgee River at Amerson River Park, Macon, GA

We opted to stop at Claystone Park on our way from Savannah, GA to Montgomery AL. We stayed at Claystone for 5 nights. In spite of its shortcomings–a below ground water hookup that was underwater when it rained and difficult to access any time, a too-high sewer hookup, failed toilet stall door, showers and laundry, prohibition of alcohol–there is a lot to recommend this place. Our site was large and the concrete pad portion if not level, very close. The campground is on the shore of man-made lake, Tobesofkee and the surroundings are quite pleasant. There was little if any road noise and we heard no trains. It was quiet at night–all the time really because there were few campers, it being so late in the camping season.

Birds were surprisingly abundant–it was November. We saw cardinals, osprey, mallards, northern mockingbirds, belted kingfishers, tufted titmouses, eastern bluebirds, yellow-rumped warblers, blue jays and maybe a palm warbler; plus more than a few woodpeckers (either hairy, downy or both) which we couldn’t identify for certain. There is also a butterfly garden which, to our surprise, had quite a few butterflies flitting about in early November. There were a lot of squirrels in the area.

Amerson River Park, Macon, GA
Amerson River Park, Macon, GA

The recreation area of which the campground is but a part is of significant size. It includes numerous picnic tables and BBQ grills, shelters, a sand beach which in season has several staffed lifeguard towers. Lets not forget the lake which is pretty big. People swim, boat and fish. I would be very surprised if, during the main camping season, this place wasn’t packed, not only with campers, but locals coming to fish, picnic and to cool off in the lake. There is disc golf in the campground too. Amerson River Park on the Ocmulgee River isn’t too far a drive and is a lovely place to go for a walk. Walking around the Claystone Park area is nice too.

When campsite 43 was empty this was the view out our entry door at Claystone Park, Lake Tobesofkee.
When campsite 43 was empty this was the view out our entry door at Claystone Park, Lake Tobesofkee.

At $25 a night for full hookups I judge Claystone Park to be an OK value. If the problems I wrote about above were corrected it would be a very good value and I wouldn’t hesitate stay here again. I’d stay here again anyway but with some misgivings for the aforementioned reasons.

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