Red Bluff RV Park, Red Bluff, CA

Red Bluff RV Park
Substantial tree coverage should mitigate the hot sun in summer months at Red Bluff RV Park.

LOCATION: 80 Chestnut Ave., Red Bluff, CA 96080
KIND: Independent
RATES: Starting at $35 nightly ($27 for overflow); $210 weekly, $450 monthly (at time of this writing)
STAY LIMIT: None as far as I know

CAMPGROUND MAP (click to enlarge in new window):

Red Bluff rV Park Map
Map of Red Bluff RV Park, Red Bluff, CA

HOSTED: I don’t know but the office is on premises
PHONE: 530 529-2929
GPS: 40.187891, -122.209307
ACCESS: Paved Road

Red Bluff RV Park dog walk area
A small grassy field street side at Red Bluff RV Park provides Fido with some relief. The campground sign aides campers in finding the place.

NUMBER OF SITES: 71 (based on campground map)
SURFACING: Gravel for most sites but some had concrete
MAXIMUM RIG SIZE: They have some sites I think would accommodate any rig
TENTS: I don’t know
LEVELNESS: Pretty good
TENT PADS: Not that I noted
FIRE RINGS/PITS: I don’t recall seeing any, but check with the office
BBQs: I don’t recall seeing any, but check with the office
PETS: On leash

HOOKUPS: Full, some sites with 50 amp, some 30 amp, noted by color on park map (link above)
DUMP STATION: I don’t recall

Red Bluff RV Park
This shot of Red Bluff RV Park provides a general idea of the feeling of the place.

Cell Service: AT&T and Verizon were OK as I recall
WiFi: Yes
Over-the-air: I expect there will be some
Cable: I don’t think so

RESTROOM RATING: We didn’t use the restrooms due to Covid-19. (I assign a Pass or Fail rating based on many considerations including: cleanliness, usability, hot water availability, hand soap availability, ease or difficulty it is to use the toilet paper, condition of fixtures, if using the restroom is a pleasant or unpleasant experience, etc.)

SHOWERS: We didn’t use the showers due to Covid-19

WATER: At sites
RECYCLING: Not noted

Sewer hookups far away at Red Bluff RV Park
Can you say “looooong sewer hose”? Sewer hookups at Red Bluff RV Park are at the back of the sites. Maybe that’s because when this campground was built RVs tended to have their sewer pipes at the back of the RV. I don’t know. Maybe it was just poor campground design.

BUGS: Not when we were there in November

NEAREST FACILITIES: We were only there for a quick stopover. Consequently I didn’t take the time to research the area very much, but Red Bluff is a town of some size with a Wal-Mart , McDonalds and Home Depot not far from the campground. I rather expect there are most other services, facilities and shopping opportunities nearby.

Red Bluff RV Park was a one night stopover for us and it fit the bill nicely. It was far enough from I-5 that noise from that freeway wasn’t a problem but close enough that access to the campground wasn’t problematic. There was some local road noise but we weren’t disturbed by it inside the RV at night.

The campground was mostly full when we were there November 23, 2020. I don’t know how much of that had to do with the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a COVID-19 year. I got the feeling there were quite a few long-term campers there and I can understand why. It’s a relatively pleasant place as far as commercial RV parks go. I noticed some barbecues and other things that people tend to leave around outside when they are long-term residents but there was no sense of trashiness to the place.

When we checked in the man at the counter was not wearing a mask and made some lame excuse about it. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, during a surge in new cases, this to me was a thoughtless, egregious error in judgment. Several other people passed by me as they came out of office and they were also unmasked. None of this sat well with me.

Sewer hookups were near he back of the sites requiring very long sewer hoses. I observed some rigs with as many as two extensions added to their primary sewer hose. We weren’t in need of a sewer hookup the night we stayed which is good but dealing with my extension sewer hose is problematic.

We had 50 amp service. Some sites have only 30 amps.

Propane fill up is available at the campground with tank pick up at your site.

Some sites can accommodate the largest RVs.

The campground seemed very close to level pretty much everywhere I walked.

There is a very small pool by the office which was closed when we were there.

The campground has quite a few pull-through sites (see map above).

Red Bluff RV Park
The dog walk area to the left of the Red Bluff RV Park campground road. A large, tandem axle Class A at the right makes it apparent the campground can handle some big RVs. How many I don’t know.

We were in site 67 which was just long enough for us hitched up. We’re 53′ long.

There were many trees in the campground which should provide for quite a bit of shade in the summer which is good because Red Bluff gets hot. It didn’t seem to me that the trees represented obstacles. I don’t recall any major issues navigating the campground but when I look at the photos of our RV in its campsite I can see we might have had to be careful getting into it.

I noticed some sites with concrete parking pad but many such as ours were gravel.

There is s decent size area for dog walking.

Red Bluff RV Park
In the spring and summer I expect the trees in Red Bluff RV Park will provide some welcome relief from the hot sun in the form of shade.

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