Yucaipa Regional Park, Yucaipa, CA

Along Zanja Peak Trail
We stopped at a little stone bench somebody made along the trail to Zanja Peak in order to enjoy the view and snack on some trail mix.

CAMPGROUND NAME: Yucaipa Regional Park
KIND: Regional Park
RATES: $25 – $40
PHONE: 909-790-3127
GPS: 34.04860, -117.04718

ACCESS: Paved road
MAXIMUM RIG SIZE: They have some big sites here. We were in an 80′ back-in. I think most rigs can be accommodated assuming availability of an appropriate site.
TENTS: There is a separate tent section
LEVELNESS: There is some tilt to some of the sites, but it didn’t seem too bad. I think our site, 36 was pretty close to level.
SHADE: Some sites yes, others no.
SPACING: There is pretty good spacing between many of the sites. They certainly don’t squeeze you in as they do in many commercial campgrounds.
TENT PADS: Not in the RV section
FIRE GRILLS: Waist high BBQs, but I didn’t see any fire pits
PETS: On leash

Looking north from the north end of Yucaipa Regional Park Campground.
This is a view looking north from the north end of Yucaipa Regional Park Campground. Several sites have this view out the back window of the RV, assuming you back into the space. One or two may have this view looking out the side of the RV.

HOOKUPS: All 42 RV sites have full hookups
ELECTRICAL QUALITY: 120 volts, 60 Hz, no faults (As indicated by my Progressive Industries Power Management System, Model EMS-HW50C.)

We had good AT&T and Verizon voice and LTE data.

Over-the-air: Yes, maybe 10 channels or so
Cable: No
WiFi: No

RESTROOM RATING: Fail (I assign a Pass or Fail rating based on many considerations including: cleanliness, usability, hot water availability, hand soap availability, ease or difficulty it is to use the toilet paper, condition of fixtures, if using the restroom is a pleasant or unpleasant experience, etc.) Toilets are more or less outdoor stalls. The “bathroom” closest to us had only cold water, no hand soap or any means by which to dry your hands; of course no heat.
SOAP: Nope
SHOWERS: There are pay showers we didn’t use and I didn’t like the looks of them. Not that they were dirty, but rather it looked like showering in our RV would be an eminently more pleasant experience.
SHOWER RATING: Fail (I evaluate showers in a similar fashion to restrooms. See above.)
WATER: Hookup at each site
RECYCLING: Didn’t see any

This shot gives you an idea of what one of the wooded pull-thru sites at Yucaipa Regional Park.
This shot gives you an idea of what one of the wooded pull-thru sites at Yucaipa Regional Park.

BUGS: None when we were there in January

Gas: Nearby in town
Dump: In the campground
Propane: AC Equipment, 296 S. California Ave, Beaumont. There may be others closer, but I’m not aware of any.
Groceries: We didn’t shop in the area but there are a number of groceries nearby including a Vons about 7 minutes drive.
RV Parks: Skyline Village and Oak Glen Retreat

View from Regional Park Trail
This is a view from Regional Park Trail looking back toward Yucaipa. The campground is just out of view on the left.

We’ve been to this campground twice now, both times in January. Yucaipa reminds me of ACE (Army Corps of Engineers) campgrounds where the sites are pretty well spaced. While Yucaipa has full hookups at all the RV, ACE campgrounds don’t have sewer all that often in my experience.

There are some trees here, some of which are large, especially in the southern loop, but the southern loop is also closest to the road and its noise which we didn’t notice as much  in our site, 36 in the northern loop. I don’t recall noticing it at night when going to bed. Some of the sites at the extreme northern end of the campground have views of the nearby mountains.

Part of the southern loop at Yucaipa Regional Park Campground.
Part of the southern loop at Yucaipa Regional Park Campground.

One of the oddities of this campground is that they have some huge pull-thru sites with three sets of hookups. I was told these were intended for groups and that all thee sites are sold as a group. You cannot buy just one, but you can buy all three and not use one or two of them.

Pricing online indicates $30 for no-hookup sites which are the tent sites and $40 for sites with hookups. Senior citizen rates without hookups is shown as $5 less, $25, $35 respectively. Weekly rates at equal to the daily rate times 6, except that doesn’t apply to the senior rates. So, if you are a senior and are staying for a week it would actually cost $5 less to pay for 6 days at the non-discounted rate than to pay for 7 at the senior rate! I’d call that a Senior Penalty, not Senior Discount.

There are three man-made lakes here and at least one is stocked with fish and middle lake #2 has a swimming area with water slides at the northern end (see map). There are fees for fishing which I did not investigate. They sell some live bait at the entry station. There are also fees to use the swimming and playground area at lake #2. I am uncertain if the campsite fee includes access to the swim area.

We stopped here for the second time in January of 2019 for a few days on our way from the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park area to the San Francisco Bay Area. We had been here once before and liked it enough we thought it was worth at least an extra day or two instead of being just a one night stopover. The park has quite a bit of bird activity this time of year. Although we didn’t see the osprey or a bald eagle reportedly seen recently, we did see red-tailed hawks, black phoebe, say’s phoebe, American coots, mallards, western bluebirds, yellow-rumped warblers, American robins and northern flickers and some LBBs (unidentifiable little brown birds).

Summiting Mt. Zanja
Summiting Zanja Peak, binoculars in hand… in other words, hamming it up… the flags were already there.

The campground is adjacent to some hills. While there we enjoyed a hike to Zanja Peak that involved an elevation gain of 1,000 feet or so over roughly 2 miles one way, 4 miles out and back. Views were nice especially since nearby mountains had a dusting of snow.

All in all, if you can get past the restrooms and showers this can be a nice play to stay for a while. I’m pretty sure we would stay there again if passing by the area.

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