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Stories about people I’ve met along the way

Around the World… by Motorcycle!

Steve Henley and his Triumph Tiger
Almost ready to roll, Steve has just about everything piled onto his Triumph. Is there any room left for him?

I thought that when I started my See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip I was headed out on a big adventure. I think I was right, and not to take anything away from that, but seeing the world via motorcycle seems something on a grander scale. Such is the undertaking of Steve Henley, a fellow camper I met at Greenbelt National Park in Maryland. READ MORE…


Side lighting brings out the textures of the petals of this dahlia and focus stacking makes it possible for all of them to be in focus.

You may recognize the title of this post as an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I chose that title because this post is about my flower photography. It’s about the road I traveled from my first flower photo which was done for fun, to making a business of selling cards with my flower photos, which, by the way, I’ve often been told are the best flower photos someone’s seen. In a later post I’ll write about the focus-stacking technique I use in order to render all parts of the flower in focus, something which until the advent of digital photography wasn’t possible. READ MORE…

Harrison Brown – Alaska to Florida – BY BICYCLE!

Harrison Brown
Harrison Brown getting ready to hit the road from Natchez, MS, His bicycle trip started in Anchorage, Alaska, and he’s destined for Key West, Florida. 6,000 miles. You go Harrison!

A handsome young man, about 31 as I figure, Harrison Brown was sporting long hair and a beard that was getting pretty long itself. You could measure the length of time he’d been on the road by the length of his hair. Having been bitten by the long distance bicycling bug Harrison flew from LA with his gear to Anchorage, Alaska, where he began his trip toward Florida last May, it now being mid November. READ MORE…

The Cat’s Pajamas is The Cat’s Meow

The Cat's Pajamas
The Cat’s Pajama’s thrill the audience at the Music City Centre in Branson, MO. Brian Skinner, producer and the group’s bass and percussion vocalist is second from right.

After arriving in Branson I took a look at the roster of shows in town. I’m sure there must have been 100, maybe more. When I read on TripAdvisor that The Cat’s Pajamas, an a cappella group, was very highly regarded and well reviewed it was for me a slam-dunk choice in terms of shows to see while in town. I have always enjoyed a cappella. When I asked Brian Skinner, the group’s producer and bass vocalist if he would sit down with me to share a little bit about his story and that of The Cat’s Pajamas he graciously agreed. READ MORE…


Master of Marble – Greg Tonozzi

Greg Tonozzi, Sculptor
Greg Tonozzi has a face with as much character as his personality.

As I meandered through Colorado on my cross country RV trip I found myself in the town of Marble at the Slow Groovin BBQ Bar and Grill. I think it fair to say that with a population of 131, according to the 2010 census, Marble is a tiny town. It’s fairly well lost in the mountains, in a canyon off another canyon, down a secondary highway, Colorado 133.

Pulling up a stool at the bar I struck up a conversation with the gent sitting next to me. He claimed it was his birthday, his 68th birthday. I thought maybe he was working me in hopes that I’d buy him a drink. READ MORE…

Crested Butte South’s Queen of Coffee

Nicole Reycraft and me
Nicole Reycraft and me

Crested Butte, Colorado, is a small town. Its satellite Crested Butte South, some 7 miles south of Crested Butte, is a really small town. There are three businesses there: a liquor store (thank God for that right?), a general store/gas station/cafe, and Camp 4 Coffee where I’d say you can get the only coffee in town but I expect you can also find a cup over at the general store/gas station/cafe. READ MORE…



Chris: King of the Road
Chris: King of the Road

Having situated my RV, Charlene, and PeeWee, my little Yamaha XT-250 motorcycle, in their new homes for the next few days I began an ambling walk through McClure campground to get a better feel for the place and so as to be able to write a campground report for my fellow RVers. McClure campground, by the way, is in the White River National Forest in west-central Colorado, not far from Aspen. READ MORE…