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Exploring My New “Home” Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Five: Katy Perry Live at the LTVA?

Sunset on Chili Fest Day, Imperial Dam
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the sunsets here in the desert art just the best!

This crowd of 100 or so gathered at the Chili Fest in their finest shorts, t-shirts and sandals on this sunny, 80º summer day. Oh wait, did I say summer? IT’S FEBRUARY! My mistake, but sunny and 80º it was. For all intents and purposes it was summer. We basked in the delicious afternoon sun, or shade if you preferred and could find some, as we dined on the aforementioned edibles, sipping margaritas from the open bar, were entertained by a troupe of Hawaiian hula dancers, followed by a short medley of her biggest hits in a live performance by Katy Perry. Oh… OK… I made up the part about Katy Perry… ummm… and the Hawaiian hula dancers… and the part about the margaritas, but it could happen! READ MORE…

Exploring My New “Home”, Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Four: A Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

Vicious Beast
This vicious beast, in reality, is really cute little dog that suffers from an overbite. The  the light in his eyes is making him squint as they reflect the color of the sandy hillside behind me giving him, along with the overbite, a rather menacing appearance. Other than belonging to someone here at Imperial Dam LTVA this pooch has nothing to do with this story but made for a good lead in, I thought.

As I was first exploring my new neighborhood I walked by a neighbor’s RV and this very long legged, snow-dog like looking creature appeared from behind the vehicle, barking, leaping in the air, tugging on her chain, running back and forth, her eyes fixed intently upon me. I knew I’d be a goner if the creature somehow got loose. READ MORE…



Road to Ferguson Lake
From South Mesa at Imperial Dam LTVA it’s about 8 or so miles up a dirt road Ferguson Lake. The road had just been graded when I was there so passage was easy. The countryside is desolate but beautiful. I saw two other vehicles on that drive.

This is an interesting and unusual place! It quickly became evident that there is community here and that many campers have been coming here for the Season (see Seasonality, below) or a large part of it for many years. Many of them know each other or at least know of each other. I didn’t know what to expect before arriving here and now about a week later I’m still discovering things. What kind of things? All kinds of things: There are maybe 25 named camping areas within the Imperial Dam LTVA. There is a real sense of community here with organized hikes, potlucks, musical performances, model airplane and race car meets, exercise and yoga groups, all organized by campers. There’s and ice cream truck that comes around every other Thursday I’m told, a guy with a wifi hotspot, the nearby Christian Center where you can send and receive mail, get propane, telephone messages, get Internet access and more. There is lots of hiking around here and a bat habitat where, beginning about March, I’m told, you can see, well, bats. READ MORE…

Exploring My New Home, Imperial Dam LTVA, Part Three: Hey Handsome!

Little Burro
This Little Burro is just so cute. Don’t you think ? He’s wild but he  lives here too.

Wow.  It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since my last post, but it has. You should know that as I write this post Sunday morning at 9 A.M. it is already beginning to feel a little bit hot. When I first came outside my RV this morning to sit in the sun, a cup of very sweet, fresh French-press-brewed French Roast in hand, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt… and it was warm and delightful outside… AND IT IS FEBRUARY!!! READ MORE…