Little Molas Lake at Sunrise
Little Molas Lake at Sunrise

What’s up with me is that I’m nearing the end of a 2 week stay at Little Molas Lake outside of Silverton, Colorado, preparing to begin my 10th week on the road tomorrow. Separately, I’ve written a Campground Report about this lovely spot. As I write I’m sitting outdoors in the delightful warming sun of early morning looking at the scene you see in the sunrise photo included in this post. The air is still and filled with the sound of many bird songs. A very gentle and delicious breeze is beginning to blow. Voices from nearby campers can also be heard, as well as a couple making love a couple campsites away, and occasionally a vehicle passing by on route 550 which is maybe 3/4 mile away as the crow flies.

Little Molas Lake at Sunset
Little Molas Lake at Sunset

Originally I planned to stay here a few days. Several factors made me decide to stay the 14 day limit. One thing that extended my stay is the delivery of mail and packages. These are sent to me General Delivery at Silverton since I don’t have an address. I’m still waiting for a package of photographic supplies which was not properly addressed necessitating some back and forth with UPS and the delay of several days in delivery. I’m expecting it later today and will need to drive 7 miles to town in order to pick it up. The probability of rain later today is high and since I’ll be driving, or riding to town on my motorcycle I’m not real excited about that. When at home in California I only rode my motorcycles when the roads were dry, opting for the car when they were not. Being wet and cold is not my idea of fun, nor is riding on slippery streets with just two wheels beneath you each with just a tiny little contact patch of rubber on the road for traction. On the flip side, many motorcycle riders don’t mind the rain and I sort of look forward to getting properly outfitted for it and used to riding in it so that it’s not such a daunting idea.

Now, in terms of motorized transport with which to get around, I have only Charlene, my RV, and PeeWee my little motorcycle, and due to the complexity of prepping Charlene for travel, her size and expense, etc., PeeWee is really the only motorized option I have once Charlene is parked and set up for a stay.

I’ve also fallen woefully behind in terms of blogging about things and hanging around camp rather than traveling allows me some time to do some photo editing and blogging. So that’s another reason to stay put. The weather here lately which has been cloudy and a little rainy in the afternoons has been conducive to staying “home”, blogging, and domestic tasks. It hailed a little yesterday–the elevation here is very close to 11,000′. The day I hiked to Crater Lake I saw the most bright and brilliant rainbow I’d ever seen. It was a double rainbow at that.

Little Molas Lake overlook
Little Molas Lake overlook

Another reason I decided to extend my stay is the countryside. I mean, wow, it’s gorgeous here and there is an abundant supply of hikes nearby. The Colorado Trail runs right by the campground and it’s a popular hiking and bicycling trail. The other day I hiked to Crater Lake (not on the Colorado Trail). Unlike Oregon’s magnificent Crater Lake the one here is small and not particularly spectacular, but the hike, some 12 miles or so round trip with a 1500′ elevation gain (so I’ve been told) is through the beautiful mountains, wildflowers in bloom almost everywhere, and vistas to delight the eye. More vistas, and yes, heart pounding exercise, were had when I hiked up the Black Bear Pass 4WD road a couple miles about a week or so ago.

I’ve also heard about a place not far away called Yankee Boy Basin which is supposed to be very special when the wildflowers peak and I expect that will be soon so I want to hang around for that. Plus, it’s fair to say that since it’s free to camp here, every day I stay is a savings of campground fees which I might have to pay elsewhere. Pity there is a 14 day limit!

Wild combine flower along the Crater Lake trail outside of Silverton, CO
Wild combine flower along the Crater Lake trail outside of Silverton, CO

From here? Well, I’m not exactly sure. I know I want to see Yankee Boy Basin and camp somewhere closer to it than I am now. Options include private campgrounds in and near Ouray (pronounced “you ray” based on how I’ve heard the locals say it), Ouray being the closest town and place to park an RV relative to Yankee Boy Basin. A Forest Service campground in Ouray is another option but there are no hookups there (water, electricity, sewer, etc.). I don’t need or want those all the time, but I will need to empty Charlene’s holding tanks and fill up with fresh water soon. I would also like to hook up to electricity for a good 12-18 hours to put a good charge on the coach batteries which I haven’t been able to do with just my solar panel and generator. Then there are some free but otherwise less than ideal camping locations along route 550. Getting a space at any of these various locations may prove difficult or impossible and force me to move further away from Yankee Boy, at least for a spell.

Double rainbow above Molas Lake... easily the most bright and intensely colored rainbow I've seen in my life
Double rainbow above Molas Lake… easily the most bright and intensely colored rainbow I’ve seen in my life

After Yankee Boy Basin? Dunno. North I expect, remaining in the mountains where it’s not blazing hot. Perhaps eventually onto Wyoming, Montana, maybe Canada, before heading south for the winter months.

3 thoughts on “S’up?”

  1. Russ — enjoyed your reports. I hope to revisit Little Molas Campground this coming summer.

    I’m curious about your small motorcycle — what kind, size engine, etc?
    And what kind of rack it rests on at the rear of your vehicle?

    Thanks, Bob

    1. Glad you’re enjoying my blog.

      What kind of motorcycle do I have? PeeWee is the best little blue motorcycle, EVER! That’s what kind. That’s what I like to say, cause it’s fun to say it 🙂 He’s a Yamaha XT250. Not a serious off-road bike but a dual-sport, street legal; more comfortable riding position. This is the luggage rack:

      I also added the windscreen and articulated mirrors so I could swing them out of the way when putting PeeWee on the back of Charlene (my motorhome).

    2. Bob,

      After my first reply to your question about the rack on PeeWee–the best little blue motorcycle, ever!–I realized I probably took you too literally, What you see on the back of PeeWee is really three pieces. The silver and black top box (luggage box) is made by Givi. Model V46. With a universal adapter from Givi it is attached to the rack from Immix racing I mentioned. The rack and adapter stay put. The Givi box snaps on and off in a half second. HTH.

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