Frogg Toggs: A broken promise of waterproof clothing?

Wet Vest
Here’s a shot of me wearing the down vest I wore under my Frogg Toggs just after coming in from my walk in the rain. The dark areas are wet. My Frogg Toggs didn’t keep me dry.

I already had a Precip jacket from Marmot with their proprietary waterproofing material and some pants with a GoreTex lining, both of which offer protection from rain, but I wanted to reserve those for hiking and use something else while riding my motorcycle. Enter Frogg Toggs. I hadn’t heard of them before, but when I was in a sporting goods shop somewhere the salesman tried to interest me in them. I wasn’t sold. I thought the material had a strange feel and the fit seemed awkward. Some days or weeks later, when I was in a motorcycle shop in Montrose, Colorado when they turned up again, and I read the promotional materials promising waterproof clothing, I took the Frogg Toggs plunge.

I bought a matching jacket and pants set, for about $90 if I recall the price correctly: style FT10322-27. I got a bit of a discount because there was a small stain on the jacket. One day I decided to give my Frogg Toggs clothing a trial run by going for a walk in the rain. When I returned in a half hour or so and took off the Frogg Toggs my clothing underneath was dry in places but wet in others. I was disappointed by what I considered a rather lackluster showing by the Frogg Toggs gear.

I contacted Frogg Toggs and they assured me their clothing is indeed waterproof and agreed to exchange my suit, assumed defective, for another like it.

After receiving the new suit I performed the same, real-world test of going for a walk in the rain. The results were the same. My clothing under the Frogg Toggs was dry in places and wet in others. This time I photographed my clothing and sent copies of the photos to Frogg Toggs. I’m including those photos with this report.

Here's a shot of the back of the down vest I wore under my Frogg Toggs just after coming in from my walk in the rain. The dark areas are wet. My Frogg Toggs didn't keep me dry.
Here’s a shot of the back of the down vest I wore under my Frogg Toggs just after coming in from my walk in the rain. The dark areas are wet. My Frogg Toggs didn’t keep me dry.

Here is what I wrote to Frogg Toggs along with the photos: “Today I wore the replacement FroggToggs you sent me for the first time. I went for a walk in the rain. The rain was moderate. I walked for 2 miles, about 49 minutes. When I returned my clothing underneath was very wet in many places. See the attached photos of the vest I wore beneath the FroggToggs. My pants were also wet.

Having now had two sets of these clothes, neither of which have kept me anywhere near dry, how am I supposed to believe the claims made by FroggToggs that your garments are waterproof?”

The next day I heard back from Frogg Toggs. Here is a copy of the email I received:
“Hey Russ,

I’m very sorry you are having issues out of your product, I can replace that suit for you no problem.”

I replied with this:
“At this point I really don’t believe that FroggToggs are waterproof as advertised. I don’t see any point in having you send me suit after suit after suit only to find out that each one leaks. If you want to have somebody wear a suit in the rain for 30 minutes to make sure it doesn’t leak and send that one to me fine, but I don’t want to play the game of mailing things back-and-forth for the rest of my life. It’s not worth it. My blog review will state my honest experience with your products and recommend strongly against purchasing them, unless of course you can convince me somehow that you actually make a waterproof suit.”

The response I received was this:
“Like I said I am sorry if there are anything else I can do for you please let me know.”

So, I’ve had two sets of Frogg Toggs, neither of which have kept me anywhere near dry. Were they both defective, from the same batch of defective materials perhaps? Are Frogg Toggs, any Frogg Toggs really waterproof? Does the company play the game of replacing garment after garment until consumers just give up as did I? All I know is that I had two supposedly waterproof suits neither of which were anywhere near waterproof and that I cannot endorse or recommend Frogg Toggs as a result. The only recommendation I can make under the circumstances which is based on my personal experience as described above would be to avoid so-called waterproof clothing from Frogg Toggs: DON’T BUY

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14 thoughts on “Frogg Toggs: A broken promise of waterproof clothing?”

  1. Unfortunately some companies don’t take their mission seriously but still make money selling defective products! What a shame! I like hiking in the rain and usually use my K- Way poncho that I discovered years ago on a mountain hiking trip and have bought two more in case some one in our group doesn’t have rain gear. It has a hood and covers you from shoulders to ankles and has room for a backpack underneath. I love it- not sure it would be comfortable riding Pee- wee though! It looks as if the rain came in through the seams judging from your photos!

    1. The idea of breathable, waterproof clothing is to keep you dry. Is it not? If it fails to do either one of those it fails in its mission. Cotton breathes too, but it won’t keep you dry. Neither did my Frogg Toggs. They failed.

  2. I had a set and wore to a sporting event and the front of my body from shoulders to knees was soaked. Anything that wasn’t getting rained on, my back and butt due to sitting was dry. Really disappointed especially emailing them and gettin NO response!

  3. I’ve also used frogs tongs and my clothes underneath were also wet. The water soaked right through. Going into the trash. Waste of money.

  4. I was given a big sales pitch on my frogg togg motorcycle rain gear . I wore it on a cycle ride in the rain , I was soaked from one end to the other , every buddy was laughing, when I took my coat off , butt me .

  5. I really wish I had seen this before. I just got back from a 20 minute motorbike ride in my brand new Frogg Toggs. After changing out of my soaked shirt and pants, I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get my money back.

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