Photo Gallery

Below you will find some of the photos I’ve taken, most of them while on my first See-the-USA-in-an-RV trip in 2014 and 2015. I have RVed cross country and more since then, but as of this moment in May of 2020 I haven’t placed photos from those later travels into galleries. Instead, they are scattered across the pages of this blog.

In the gallery below photo are not in any particular order but they should all be captioned. With the proviso that things don’t always behave the same way in the mobile version, when you click on one it will enlarge. You’ll see arrows at right and left enabling you to go to the next or previous photo. In the extreme upper left corner you’ll see a small X which when clicked will close the enlarged view and return you here. You’ll also see some meta data telling you which camera and aperture I used. Plus, there’s a comment box where you can tell me how awesome you think a photo is 😉 or ask questions about it.

Know that some of my photos are enhanced. Not all of them are meant to accurately represent what my eyes saw. Some are adjusted to simulate the impact I experienced at the original scene. In others I take artistic license.

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