This article is about my experience with an RV shop in Concord, CA, called Cuzin’s Concord Coach. In all of my 60 plus years of living I do not recall ever having a less satisfactory experience with any business.

I brought my RV to Cuzin’s Concord Coach for several jobs including body work, the installation of some electrical parts and a propane line. All of these jobs were botched and would require more money to fix their faulty workmanship than what I paid them for the work they were supposed to do. This is more than just my opinion, it’s fact, supported by estimates from other body shops and the small claims court judgment for over $5,600.00 I won against the company when I sued them. My complaint and request for damages included negligence and violations of National Fire Protection Association safety codes.

Contra Costa County Court records show Cuzin’s has been involved in other cases. Someone at the Bureau of Automotive Repairs told me they were “familiar” with Concord Coach–that’s all they could say because they aren’t allowed to get specific. Let’s not overlook that Concord Coach had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time I wrote this. What does that tell you? Plus, they have more than a few really bad reviews on Yelp.

In my personal opinion the owner of the shop conducted himself in a very unprofessional manner from start to finish. It would take hours to recite the litany of complaints I have about Cuzin’s Concord Coach but you probably wouldn’t want to take the time to read it all. Suffice it to say that when it comes to doing business with Concord Coach my advice would be to RUNAWAY! RUNAWAY!

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