Omnium Over-Drive
A small, light, well made bike trainer, the Omnium Over-Drive, may be a good choice for the RVer.

While RVing around the country, long before Covid-19, there were many occasions where I hungered for a decent cardio workout but circumstances were not conducive. Either there was a cold spell, maybe rainy weather, or maybe it was too hot. Sometimes the weather was fine but the neighborhood was not ideal–too much traffic with no safe place to run or ride my bike, or terrain that was too steep, for example. Maybe it’d be nighttime and unsafe to ride or to run. Now, with Covid-19 around there’s yet another reason to workout indoors.

I recalled hearing about some rather compact bicycle trainers you could put your own bicycle on and I thought, perhaps, that if I had something along those lines I might be able to ride my bike inside the RV while avoiding the pitfall of the day that would otherwise prevent me from getting a cardio workout. So, it was off to another research project.[READ MORE…]

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